The Isla Basics Guide – How to Find Al

Basics of AI spawn

Confirmed from personal experience:

  • Multiple players in specific proximity to each other
  • Not affected by the number of corpses in the area
  • Servers have a cap for the amount of AIs in the server at a time
  • AI will despawn when there are no players near them.

Unconfirmed from other players:

  • Whether or not Herbivores spawn AI or if it’s just Carnivores.
  • Possible that nests increase AI spawn in some way.

Possible things I have yet to test:

  • Less than a certain amount of AI in the area


With these things in mind, I’ve done a small bit of testing to see what kind of survival strategies I can use to depend on AI for food rather than having to constantly be on the move, hunting players.

Please note these are specifically while keeping V3 in mind.

Pack tracking

This is the best strategy for a solo, fast carnivore. I’ve tested this with Utah as it’s my main, but I could see this working with carnos, acros, and even gigas.

Since AI spawn when in the proximity of other dinos, and possible specifically other carnivores, you need to stay near other players. You can do this safely by following a pack or another dinosaur at a distance. They will often leave AI as they go, giving you the chance to eat as you follow–and you can expect them to stop by water sources occasionally. The only downside is that you may fall too far behind, at which point you have to depend on smelling their footprints, which is impossible during rain.

Spawn camping

Note: I do not mean spawn camping fresh spawn players by killing them.

Since there are constantly players dying and respawning, by staying in a spawn area, you can expect that area will always be having a flow of players, and consistent AI spawning. The downside is some of the more common spawn areas do not have water sources nearby and you’ll have to make occasional trips to get water.

You’ll also have to look out for other carnivores, as larger (usually sub) carnivores tend to pass through spawn areas often.

Packing up

The simplest, most easy way to find AI is simply–get a friend and hang out with them. If you wait patiently and listen closely, you will be able to hear AI spawning around you and hunt them down.

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