The Cursed Forest Achievement Guide 2019

Achievement: Early Access

Simple enough, just load the game. Currently, this will only if you bought during Early Access.

Achievement: Bla-bla-bla

When you pick up a note, instantly close it. You can then pick it back up and read it to further understand the story.

Achievement: The Tale

Simple, find a note. The earliest one is down the path from where you first spawn, there is an area with an alter bowl, which is also the next achievement. There is also a note further down the path if you miss this, in the first cabin.

Achievement: Let there be light!

As stated previously, find the area with the alter bowl (it looks like a bird fountain), and click to light it. This will also save your game.

Achievement: Paleontologist

The first bone (or the one I always first go for) is across the lake. To get to it, do not jump straight into the water. To the left of the dock is a little path through the weeds, which you can get to the island in the middle of the lake easier and safer. See Achievement: Wade, Achievement: Bait, and Achievement: Jaws on what to do next.

Achievement: Treat

This can be found near the first cabin. First, inside of the cabin, you’ll find a carrot, which you will need for the first part. Then, go behind the cabin, and you’ll see a path which forks off into two separate paths. Take the one on the right, and at the end of it will be a little burrow hole. Click where it indicates to place the carrot. Wait for a second and you’ll see a dark hand take it, and leave you another bone.

Achievement: Bait

For this, when you get the first bone in the lake, you will notice some bubbling in the water after you pick it up. Wait for the bubbling to end, and jump in. Swim fast to the shore, and the “fish” will attack you, sending you into a cave.

Achievement: Firefly

To the left of the first cabin is a campfire. Step on it to get this achievement. See also Achievement: Little fire, stop!

Achievement: Mountain Goat

For this, instead of going the right path behind the cabin, go the left one. Keep going until you’ve found the campfire, which will be on the right of you. Go up there, and head straight towards the cliff. The cliff will collapse, forcing you to take the other route to the bone. See Achievement: Incarus for more.

Achievement: Incarus

When the cliff breaks, jump off. Simple as that.

Achievement: Jaws

When you see the bubbling at the lake at the first bone, jump straight in. This will cause you to die, so I hope you saved 😉

Achievement: Wade

When you see the bubbling at the lake, do not jump in. Instead, go back the way you came, which was through the weeds.

Achievement: Little fire, stop!

When you first step on the fire, you’ll get the first achievement, firefly. Step on it again to get this achievement, and also put out the fire.

Achievement: Dark way?

THIS ONE’s SORT OF A SPOILER. The first thing you need to do is go behind the cabin, and go the left path. Soon, on the left, you’ll come to a broken tree stump, indicating you should go left. Head through those trees, and you’ll be at a rock wall, with a cave in front of you. Head through it and go left towards the pond. At the top, you’ll find a smooth wall (it’s hidden) marked with an owl. The secret is you can actually go through it. Go ahead and walk into it, and you’re in the secret room. At the back, you’ll see a door, and a keypad. Now you just need the code.  Head out back onto that path, and you’ll see a deer with red eyes up the path, as you get closer, he will run. Head to where he was, and do leave.

Achievement: Dive!

At the beginning of the section, after you see Sarah jump into the water below, follow that.

Achievement: Curious?

After you dive into the water off the cliff, there will be a deer that runs across your path. Follow it to its destination.

Achievement: Heron

Storyline achievement. You have to get out of the swamp to progress in the game. Jump from island to island and avoid the water at all costs.

Achievement: Who Lives Below?

This can be done at the swamp area, I suggest doing it before Heron. Anyways, just jump into the water.

Achievement: Brickslayer

Storyline, the brick is in a pot inside the cabin by the river

Achievement: Toilet Trouble

To the right of the cabin at about a 90-degree angle, there will be an outhouse. Go in it.

Achievement: Stormy River

Hug the right wall when you’re in the river. That’s the best way I found to get past easily.

Achievement: Fire Fighter

There are 3 locations for the campfires:

  1. Cabin by the river
  2. Scarecrow campsite
  3. Cliffside area

Achievement: Cleaning

The best place to get this achievement is after the river scene.

Achievement: Indy?

The rock scene. Again, hug the right side of the wall away from the rocks path. There’s a nice spot behind a covering on the right side with the face of Sarah.

Achievement: Ancient Light

There is a glowing purple stone located in a box behind the darkness, grab it and put it on the stick next to it.

Achievement: Desmond

After acquiring the arm using the crystal to the darkness, a path will open with boards flying off the path. Don’t go down there, to the right is another drop down area. Climb onto the plank and perch there.

Achievement: Snow White

Eat the apple, the one that’s under the bucket.

The Descent

Start chapter 3?

Dark Alley

Storyline. Continue down the steps and into the following area.


I got it after answering the knocking at the door and running outside.

Nobody Home

Wait like 8 or so knocks, don’t answer the door 🙂

Fluffy Protector

Place the rabbit on the table next to the forest painting behind the bookshelf.

Lost and Found

After falling into the cave, walk along the path and pick up the teddy bear.


There’s 2 fires, one next to the cabin, and one off ways near the big tree in the middle of the field. It’s easier to spot after falling in the cave

It’s a trap!

Near the big tree, you’ll see a little pond with a broken bridge on the left and a log bridge on the right. If you look up into the trees, you can see a branch attached to ropes. If you walk through the broken part, the branch will fall and kill you. All you have to do is avoid it.

Evil Twin

Follow the path along the big tree, and soon you’ll come to a split in the path near the big rock wall? (best way to explain it). I didn’t see it and turned around after going halfway up the walkway and spotted the blue light. It’s up on top of a cliffside if you follow that path.

Man of fire

There are 2 fires in this section to count for this, first one you’ll see along the main path, second is straight across the lake. Step on both to put them out.

Map Locations

Map 1:

Map 2:


Map 3:

Map 4:

Toilet Locations

Toilet 1: Can be found to the right of the first cabin. It opens when you’re near it. Step inside to trigger achievement.

Toilet 2: A ways down the path, you’ll find a cabin with a river behind it. To the right in a shed/shack looking building, is the toilet. Step inside.

Toilet 3: Past the wooden bridge path at the beginning, the first big cabin (technically second if you count the one at the top of the path) will be a small forested area to the left, and peaking off the edge of a cliff into the water is the third toilet. This also activates another achievement if it’s your first time playing, stay inside for that one and I think the Toilet III one will unlock as well. If not, load game from autosave to put the toilet back and when you step in, immediately step out.

Toilet 4: After crossing the lake by completing the task to do so (not going to spoil it) will be a cabin at the top of there. Keep to the right of the path and the toilet will be at the edge of the cliff.


Part of the main story. After you head around the path you’ll come to the second campsite on a lake with an alter next to it. Click the alter 4 times and it will explode, which will sequence the pool draining.

Classical Humor

Past the lake, you’ll come to a house fairly close after crossing it. Continue to the left along the path, right in the middle of the path there will be a rake which getting near it will come up and smack you in the face lol.


Best Friends Forever

After the Classical Humor achievement, about 20 feet from there is a fork in the path, one going straight and the other sort of behind which is also a bridge. At the end of the bridge is the bear.


Fifth Element

When you find your way to the next house, you’ll visibly see Sarah run into it, this is where the rune is. It’s inside. It’s red. I don’t want to spoil how to get there or what happens. Just know it’s in the house.

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