The Crown of Leaves The New DLC walkthrough

The Crown of Leaves game guide focuses on The New DLC walkthrough. The guide will only cover here the part of “Dig out” route with the new DLC quest. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


This guide only covers the minimum you need to do for the new quest included in the DLC added to a remastered version of the game.


  • Pick to dig out the veglamb when talking with Vander at the Greenhouse.
  • Take the shovel from near your house
  • Dig out the veglamb.
  • To get people out of the water ask Alek — important , stealing will lock you out of the new content!

The new quest

  • Go back to the beach. First thing you see different is Serban standing there. You can talk to him now to get the quest required to progress in the main quest or do that later.
  • Go to the camp and look at the Rasko’s wagon on the left side. You will find a note about a missing person (Grullo) there. A new quest pops up “Who’s Grullo?”
  • Go back to the beach and take a horse figurine from the water
  • Talk to Serban about the figurine and the photo. (If you didn’t talk with him before you need to talk 2nd time to be able to do that)
  • Go to the camp and talk with Brilla about the photo.
  • Go to the Goblin caffee and ask your mom “Have you seen an old man who is looking for his son?”(If you didn’t talk with her before you need to talk 2nd time to be able to do that)
  • Talk with Cameya (the Bartender)
  • A passage to a new location opens (right of the caffee), go there.
  • Take an apple from the ground and throw it into the well.
  • Go back to your wagon.
  • Look at the sewing supplies.
  • Open the bird jewelry box next to it.
  • Open the middle-top drawer.
  • Take a pen from the cup on the desk.
  • Combine the pen, paper and thread.
  • Go back to the well and use the crafted item on it.
  • Go to Alek’s place (outside) and take the plank.
  • Throw it into the well.
  • A passage to a new location opens, go there.
  • Talk with Grullo.
  • Go back to your wagon.
  • Take the Family beads from the sife of a hanging cupboard.
  • Use the showel on the locked one on the lower left of the desk.
  • Go back to Grullo.
  • Talk with him about family beads
  • Talk with him about the bellrings
  • Make a choice. Two are tied to achievements (“Suggest help” and “Write a letter to the scientists”).
  • Optional (achievement) – Talk with Brilla about the wooden horse, and after that “The old man and wooden horses” when prompted pick “He sacrifices them for his own purposes”
  • Continue with the main quest – go to your wagon and take the paint from your desk.
  • Talk about the paint with Serban.
  • If you picked “Suggest help” when talking to Grullo, place the water carrot on the beach and talk with Candy. (achievement)
  • Continue with the game.

This is the ending of The Crown of Leaves The New DLC walkthrough guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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