The Adventure Pals Achievements Guide

The Adventure Pals game guide focuses on all general achievements and secret achievements guide. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks for all achievements in The Adventure Pals game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The Adventure Pals is an action-packed platformer about friendship, exploration, and riding your giraffe. And, of course, the age-old tale of an evil madman with the nefarious plan of turning old people into delicious hot dogs.

The controls are simple: you jump with a quick press of the ‘B’ button; hold that button down to glide, using your giraffe’s tongue like a helicopter (which is as utterly glorious as it sounds); use your sword with ‘Y’, allowing you to rack up combos as you hack and slash your way through enemies; and make use of special items like bombs or health potions with ‘A’. You’ll also be interacting with scenery dotted around each stage with the ‘R’ button, usually to blow up targets or open gates to progress through the level, or sometimes to open treasure chests containing life-saving items.

The combat is a similar affair, although you will have to learn the behaviours of the different enemy types unless you’re happy to take some damage. Beating enemies provides you with experience points, making you level up and learn new abilities along the way, and these abilities will aid you in your fighting. This system is part of the game’s light-RPG side, which also offers shops with purchasable items (such as bombs, special bombs, and a variety of potions) to see you through even the toughest of enemy clusters.

Achievements Guide

First of all

There are only 29/31 achievements in this guide at the moment. The reason is that I can’t do the coop achievement

  • First pal

Get your first pal

finish tutorial

  • Bake off

Collect first cupcake

just take your first cupcake

  • Swordsman

Vanquish 10 enemies

kill 10 enemies

  • Nine Lives

You’ve used nine lives but don’t give up

die 9 times

  • Forging ahead

Use a Weapon Mod

look for red chests on levels. Each red chest contains a temporary weapon mod

  • Next Level

Level up your abilities for the first time

see that blue bar near HP? It is your XP. You can get XP by killing enemies. You will level up when the XP bar is full

  • Mission Accomplished

Complete your first objective

finish first level

  • Extinction

Kill 20 yaks on world map

I did this achievement on 1st location – Grasslands. Every time you arrive at the map, some different animals are spawned. Usually there are 2-4 yaks at 1st location.

  1. Slay all yaks
  2. Go to shop/town and then go to the map again

Repeat those 2 steps until you get the achievement

  • Baking me crazy

Use the Cupcake Converter

*I’m not sure* Cupcake Converter is a cat, that takes your cupcakes and gives you a new hat or a new skin for your rock. You can find him in any shop (such as Bee Mart)

  • Cake Boss

Collect 10 cupcakes

You know what to do, right?

  • Rejuvenation

Release 50 old people from hotdogs

defeat 50 hotdogs

  • Tongue out of cheek

giraffe-copter for 5 minutes in total

I got that on 2nd location, i think you’ll get it easily

  • Headache

kill 100 enemies by jumping on their heads

Be careful: some enemies can’t be killed by jumping on their heads (e.g. bandits and hotdogs)

  • Bark worse than bite

Defeat treefist

That’s the first boss

  • On the beach

Make it to second island

After defeating the 1st boss, you’ll need to escape from prison. After escape you will get this achievement

  • Traumatised

Beat an arena

Go to the port and talk to the dude with red hat. After the dialogue the first arena (in Grasslands) will be opened

  • Good brief!

Give the whale the old mans underwear

Talk to the whale in port. The whale will give you access to another level. Complete it. You will find a bikini bottom.

Now go to Grasslands town (NOT port) and talk to the old man. He will offer an exchange: bikini => underwear. Now go back to whale and talk to him. Give him the underwear

  • Yolks on you

Defeat Breakfast Buccaneer

second boss

  • One in a melon

Defeat Veggiesaur

3rd boss

  • Stick to it

Find 50% of the stickers

There are 44 stickers. You can get them:

  1. on every level (1 sticker per level)
  2. at every shop (1 sticker per shop)
  3. by doing some things (e.g. voting in the port or breaking the lighthouse door)

Catch ’em all

Fully Level Up

There are 21 xp levels. I got it on 3rd location

  • Feeling crabby

Defeat Crab mech

4th boss

  • Swordsplay

Defeat all the arenas

Complete all 5 arenas

  • Nice to meat you

Defeat Hot Dog Boss

Final boss

  • Reunited

Finish the Game

talk to mr. B near the lighthouse after defeating the last boss

  • Speed Merchant

Complete a stage in less than 3 minutes

Easy to do in the end of the game. Go to the first level and avoid fighting. I did it in ~2 minutes

  • Obesity

Unlock all costumes

You can buy skins for 5 cakes. Every level has 5 cakes, so the most skins you can get by collecting all cakes on levels. There are also some cakes hidden on the map. They appear when you come closer to them

  • Stuck to it

Fill up your sticker book

see Stick to it

  • Bunny Business

*secret achievement*

you need a sunshine bomb. Use it on any enemy – that will turn him into a bunny. Then kill the bunny and enjoy your achievement

This is the ending of The Adventure Pals Achievements Guide guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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