Terraria – Tips to Beat Terraria

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Terraria Tips to Beat Terraria. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Tips to Beat Terraria


  • Chop down some trees
  • Make wooden stuff(sword/ tools/ armor)
  • Explore the surface on both sides until you die and find some loot
  • If you find the dungeon with and “old man” go in and find the Water Bolt(Just break all the books and you will probably get one). Warning: don’t go too deep or the Dungeon Guardian will kill you
  • Get jumpscared by the Dungeon Guardian althought I told you not to go deeper
  • Build a house(walls/ background walls/work bench/ chair/ doors)
  • Explore the underground and mine some ore and try to find life crystals
  • Use the life crystals to get more life
  • Go back to surface and craft a furnace and smelt some ore
  • Make an anvil
  • Make better stuff(sword/ tools/ armor)
  • Get a Grappling Hook(from a spider nest or craft one)
  • Now you are ready to explore the whole world without much difficulties
  • If you are wondering what you need to do with stars. Well just craft Mana Crystals and take them until you can’t anymore
  • Expand your base(with more houses for more NPCs)
  • Build an arena and beat the Eye of Cthulhu(If you can’t find it just skip this step)
  • Go into the Crimson/Corruption and make an arena for the boss
  • Destroy some orbs with explosions(bombs/ dynamite)
  • Beat the Brain of Cthulhu/ Eater of worlds
  • Make Better armor with his loot
  • Go deep into the underground
  • Steal the hellforge
  • Mine some hellstone(Warning: the hellstone will drop lava after mining it so be careful)
  • Make hellstone bar at the hellforge
  • Make molten stuff(pickaxe/ armor/ sword)
  • Build an arena for the skeletron at the dungeon
  • Fight the skeleton in the night
  • Explore the dungeon
  • Get golden keys and get some loot from the dungeon chests
  • Beat the Queen Bee(you can skip this step)
  • Accidentally kill a voodoo demon over lava, to accidentally spawn Wall of Flesh(WoF)
  • Build an arena in the underground for the WoF
  • The arena must be a long layer of blocks(dirt/ stone/ even platforms etc.)
  • Get the voodoo doll from a demon with a voodoo guide
  • Spawn the WoF(It can me spawn by trowing the voodoo in the lava while the guide is alive and the WoF will come from the direction you are half on. For example if you are in the right half of the underground it will come from the right side)
  • Kill the WoF
  • Get his loot and congrats! You activated the hardmode


  • Crack some altars with the hammer
  • Get your world blessed with some new ores
  • Go mine some Cobalt/Palladium ore
  • Craft some bars and the Cobalt/Palladium pickaxe
  • You can make 20 houses anywhere for NPCs and a house in the jungle for the Witch Doctor
  • Mine some Mythril/Orichalcum
  • Craft bars and a Mythril/Orichalcum anvil
  • Craft the Mythril/Orichalcum pickaxe
  • Mine some Titanium/Adamantite
  • Make a Titanium/Adamantite Forge
  • Craft some Titanium/Adamantite bars and craft the whole armor(59 bars for the whole armor)
  • Go in the jungle where you built the house at night and buy Leaf Wings(1 platinum) from the Doctor
  • Make a HUGE arena for the mechanical bosses
  • Go into the hallowed underground and get some souls(you can skip this)
  • Craft keys and put that in a chest to spawn the mimics(you can skip this)
  • Kill the mimics until you get Daedalus Stormbow(you can skip this)
  • Craft holy arrows(you can skip this)
  • Spawn The Destroyer(with the Mechanical Worm at night)
  • Defeat the Destroyer
  • After defeating one mechanical boss you can go into jungle and start getting Life Fruits(the spelunker potion will help) and get more HP
  • Craft the hallowed mask
  • Spawn the Skeletron Prime(with the Mechanical Skull at night)
  • Defeat the Skeletron Prime
  • Craft hallowed Bearstplate
  • Craft hallowed Greaves
  • Spawn the Twins(with the Mechanical Eye at night)
  • Defeat the Twins
  • Craft the Pickaxe Axe or the Drax
  • Get a black lens and craft the Optic Staff(you can skip this)
  • Mine some Chlorophyte(in the jungle)
  • Craft Chlorophyte armor
  • Survive the Solar Eclipse and get 2 broken hero sword(from the Mothron)
  • Craft a Night’s Edge and then True Night’s Edge
  • Craft the Excalibur and then True Excalibur
  • Craft the Terra Blade
  • Find an Plantera Bulb(in the jungle)
  • Make a giant arena around the bulb without breaking it(else you will spawn the boss)
  • Break the bulb and summon Plantera
  • Defeat Plantera
  • Open the door to the temple with the key(in the jungle)
  • Get some loot from chests
  • Summon the Golem(right click on the altar while you have Lihzahrd Power Cell in your inventory)
  • Defeat the Golem until you get the picksaw
  • Explore the hardmode dungeon(ignore the cult at the entrance)
  • Get some ectoplasm
  • Summon the Frost Moon(with Naughty Present)(you can skip this)
  • Summon the Martian event(go into space above the ocean and wait for a martian thing and let it scan you)
  • Wall yourself in and kill the martian spaceship(do this until you beat the event)
  • Obtain the Car key(if not, it will be harder for you to beat the remaining bosses)
  • Get a Truffle Worm(from the mushroom biome) go to the ocean and fish(you can skip this)
  • Summon and defeat the Duke Fishron(you can skip this)
  • Kill the guys with the cult at the entrance at the dungeon and summon the Lunatic Cultist
  • Defeat the Lunatic Cultist
  • Destroy the Stardust Pillar(by killing 100 enemies)
  • Make the Stardust Dragon Staff
  • Destroy the Solar Pillar(by killing 100 enemies)(make sure to stay on the ground or on a platform to not get hit by the flying worm)
  • Craft a Solar Eruption
  • Destroy the rest of the pillars(by killing 100 enemies)
  • “Impending doom approaches…” now you have 60 seconds to buff up for the Moon Lord
    Tips for the Moon Lord:
  • Make sure his eye on his head is on a floating island or something like that so he can’t get you with his wave
  • Try and kill the heat eye first and then the other eyes
  • If you can’t beat the Moon Lord just build a house for the nurse near you and every time you need healing just go at her

This is the ending of Terraria – Tips to Beat Terraria guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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