Terraria How to Kill Moonlord Easily (Tips & Tricks)

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How to Kill Moonlord Easily


Gear in this fight is crucial, the accessories you will need are the Star Veil, the Shiny Stone, the Ankh Shield/Cobalt Shield, Celestial Shell (or the Celestial Ston.

I recommend the Celestial Shell because it makes the fight noticeably easier, the Worm Scarf and the Charm of Myths.

The reason you’ll need these accessories is because the Celestial Shell/Stone gives added damage, defence, and life regen, the Star Veil because it adds more time to being invisible and also added DPS, the Ankh/Cobalt Shield because it makes you immune to knock back and if you have the ankh shield, gives the extra 4 defence, the Shiny Stone, which when not moving gives you a 10 to 40 life regen a second boost, the Worm Scarf because reduces all damage that enemies give you by 17%.

Finally, the Charm of Myths because it increases life regen by 0.5 every one second and because it reduces the time of the potion sickness debuff by 15 seconds. Also remember to reforge all of these items to warding as it gives of the most defence.

For the Armour, as a warrior, you need Beetle Armour, as it gives off 73 defence and boosts warrior stats.

The Potions you need are:
-1 – 2 Life Force potions
-1 – 2 Endurance potions
-1 Heartreach potion
-1 Pumpkin Pie (or any food that gives the ‘well fed buff’)
-1 – 2 Regeneration potions
-4 – 30 Super Healing Potions


The arena is the most crucial part of this strategy.

To build the arena you will need:

  • 4 enemy statues trapped in boxes,
  • 2 heart statues in boxes.

You will need to attach this to a one second timer as it is the fastest. The key to the arena is to have the most life regen. So you will need:

  • honey,
  • a campfire,
  • a heartlatern,
  • the Dryad (because it gives off the ‘Dryads blessing buff, which will increases life regen),
  • the Nurse to heal you.

Also you might be wondering why there is an Alchemy Station, this is because when all the pillars are defeated they drop fragments, furthermore you can use these fragments plus the addition of 4 Greater Healing Potions to make Super Healing Potions, which heal the additional 50+ health than the Greater Healing Potions.


  • Once all the Lunar Pillars are defeated, use a Magic/Ice mirror or Cellphone, or even a teleporter to travel close to your arena.
  • Once you are there use the Rod of Discord to teleport into the honey box, and get the potions in the chest.
  • Also remember to stay inside the honey box the whole fight,
  • Then press the one second timer to start the statues and use the Stardust Dragon Staff on the Bewitching Station to add more minions.
  • Now wait till Moon Lord spawns and press ‘B’ on your keyboard, or on any other device drink all of your potions to buff up.
  • Now you get Moon Lords hands down low, while also killing his eye, once the eye is defeated, finish the hands and then kill Moon Lor

This is the ending of Terraria How to Kill Moonlord Easily (Tips & Tricks) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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