Teamfight Tactics How to Use Gold (Management and Works Guide)

Welcome, visitors. Teamfight Tactics TFT How to Use Gold guide focus on usage of golds and this guide will give you some tips tricks advice management, usage and how gold works. We also write a little about how mana works. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

1. How Gold Works

  • You get 5 gold at the start of every turn regardless. You get +1 gold at the end of the turn if you win (not vs pve).
  • After that you will have anywhere from 0 to 5 gold from interest (decided by how many gold you have stored, so if you have 9 or less you get 0, 10-19 you get 1, 20-29 you get 2, etc.)
  • You can get up to +3 gold if you are in a lose/win streak.
  • Then the thing about saving is interest. You get +1 gold for every 10 gold you have at the start of your turn.
  • So if you end your turn at 9 gold and win, you’ll have +1, so ending your turn at 10 and giving you +1 at the start of the next one.
  • The max interest you can get is +5 if you have 50 gold, so its always better to spend everything above 50 because it doesnt give you anything.
  • And yes, most of the time unless you know why you’re doing it (an upgrade you really need for example), rerolling isnt really efficient.
  • But if you start your turn at 26 gold for example, you can afford to reroll once or twice and buy as it won’t get you under 20. you’ll have th esame amount of gold next turn if you start at 20 or 26 anyway so it can be worth it to try and get stronger if you wanna keep a winstreak going for example.
  • And finally, you can have up to 2 gold from being on a losing/winning streak.

1.1. How Mana Works

For mana, the champion will gain it by aa the ennemy or with item and once the bar is full the champion will do his ability (you can right click to see how much mana the champion currently have). Also you have multiple item/ability that affect mana like kassadin who steal some mana from his target and convert it to a shield

2. Tips for Management Gold

  • Don’t refresh or buy EXP unless you are on the verge of losing as a general rule of thumb. After your reach max interest at 50 gold you can start refreshing or buying EXP. Doing this you always want to maintain roughly 50 gold (depends on what comes up on the refresh of course, because buying can be more beneficial than the extra 1 gold of interest).
  • Also consider your HP to be part of your currency. A losing streak also gives you a good flow of gold. Buying out because you lost a couple games in a row is generally a surefire way to lose the game in the long run since you are destroying your economy to at best have an average comp.
  • Whether you refresh or buy EXP is a different discussion and depends on your comp. If you are close to multiple synergies but need the extra slot, the EXP might be a good investment. If you are looking to promote several low tier units (i.e. Vayne, Khazix, Zed) to 2nd/3rd level refreshing is a better option since at higher levels the low tiers don’t show up as often.
  • In the late game it depends on your position. With high health and tons of gold you can become a big stack bully by buying out and dominating opponents. With low health you need to invest hard to stay in the game. Either way there should never be a reason for you to be sitting on 50 gold when you reach the late game because the game won’t last long enough for the interest to matter anymore.

3. Some Ideas on Purchasing items with Gold

I wanted to talk about 2 ideas I had, 1 more static and 1 more in the spirit of the game.

1- Be able to buy items with gold, straight up. Price listing.. everything. Now – this would need to be expensive, but it lets people knowingly build towards things.

2- This is more my favorite idea, between each round, a quick 5-second window pops up asking how much you will bid on an item. BF sword, Needlessly Large Rod, etc. You do not see what other people bid, only that someone wins it. You also do not see what everyone bids. this keeps the bids lower unless you really want the item.

This is the ending of Teamfight Tactics How to Use Gold (Management and Works Guide) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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