Teamfight Tactics Gunslinger Build (The Most Consistent Gunslinger Pirate Comp)

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Gunslinger Overview

TFT Gunslinger Champions

List of all TFT Gunslinger Champions and their buff synergy which allows champions who share this class to gain a chance to attack additional targets.


  • After attacking, Gunslingers have a 50% chance to fire additional attacks.
  • Attacks against a random enemy
  • Attacks against all other enemies in range

TFT Gunslinger Build

There are a lot of more consistent comps that you can play, but this guide is about stated the most consistent gunslinger pirate comp that you can play.

Early game

You obviously take all the graves’, Tristana’s and Lucian’s you can early. You prioritize Darius as your frontline and take him every time you can.

Your early game goal with this build is to get 3 pirates (Graves Pyke and GP) as soon as possible and keep them in regardless of whether you are winning or losing with them to generate extra gold. You are supposed to use this extra gold for re-rolls to get your desired upgrades without ruining your economy. The likely early losses also generate loss streak gold and give you priority picks in Shared Draft which allows you to easily get your desired items for Graves. This is what makes this build very consistent.

Your early game team should look something like – Graves, Gangplank, Pyke, Darius, Tristana/Lucian/Any desired fill champ (since you already have 2 gunslingers).

As soon as you get Graves to two star (even before if you want to preserve hp while having pirates buff) you stack him with Titanic Hydra, Bloodthirster and Red Buff, and have him in your front line. He melts teams while being very tanky and allows Tristana/Lucian to do simple cleanup if he dies from frontlining.

You also collect Lucians and if you decide/are forced to to put items on him, Luden’s and Stattik Shiv work wonders especially combined with Spear of Shojin.

If you put items on your GP it should mostly be tank items with priority on items containing a tear (Frozen Heart and Redemption)

I do not recommend putting items on Tristana as she is a really weak unit and is used purely for the gunslinger buff in this build. However if you are forced to put items on her build her as you would any backline auto-attack carry.

I cannot stress hard enough, that this build relies on utilizing re-rolls early and not buying XP, as most of your core units are 1$ (Graves, Tristana, Darius) units as well as some 2$ (Lucian, Pyke) and one 3$ (Gangplank) and getting them with re-rolls in the early levels is relatively easy due to them being a major part of the pool.

Mid Game

During the mid game your goal is to get the full 4 gunslingers buff, along with a 2 imperial buff.

By this point, if you were using your Pirate gold for re-rolls, you should have a 3 star graves with a couple of items. Now you start looking for Draven’s and try to get him to 2 stars. As soon as you get your Draven and especially if you think there is a lot of Draven left in the pool and you can get him to 2 stars quickly, you use your gold to buy XP and get to level 7.

You should also get any Sejuani you can as you will use her in late game,

Your mid game team should look something like :

  • Graves 3*
  • Gangplank 1/2*
  • Pyke 2*
  • Tristana 1/2/3*
  • Lucian 2/3 *
  • Darius 2/3 *
  • Draven 2*

(Pirate 3, Gunslinger 4, Imperial 2, Blademaster 2)

Draven is your main secondary carry after graves and when your graves has full items or when you have extra damage items that you cannot use on graves, Draven is the guy to give them to.

If you have a level 3 Darius, giving him a titanic hydra as well can be very good since his max hp is large.

Due to the weak combat strength of your early Pirate team, it can happen that at this point, you are very low on hp. If you believe that you might get eliminated soon and your Pyke is not level 3 or stacked with items, I recommend getting rid of Pyke and putting in a Sejuani (pref. 2 star) instead, as her ult is invaluable in any comp and can provide your Graves (and Draven) much needed extra time to go ham on the enemy team. Sejuani and Darius getting the knight buff is also an added tankiness bonus. By doing this you will get rid of your pirate buff and slow down gold generation.

If you are at any point able to get a spatula do so, as you will need it to round out the comp in late game.

Late game

In the late game, your goal is to round out your comp. You do this by replacing the weaker one between Lucian and Tristana with a Miss Fortune, Replacing your Pyke with a Sejuani and making a spatula item of choice if possible.

The late game is the most unreliable part of this build, considering it relies on RNG-ing a Miss Fortune and being able to make either Frozen Mallet or Blade of the Ruined King to get the Glacial or Blademaster buffs respectively.

However, this part of the build is not 100% required since it makes this comp from a great one to a nearly unbeatable one.

You can also achieve both the Blademaster and Glacial buffs by slotting in Yasuo as your 8th unit and building Frozen mallet.

The ideal Late game build would look like this :

  • Graves 3*
  • Gangplank 2*
  • Miss fortune 1/2*
  • Lucian 2/3*
  • Darius 3*
  • Sejuani 2*
  • Draven 2/3*
  • Yasuo 1/2*

There’s another great version of this build where you swap the Darius for a Garen and the Draven for a Kayle in the late game. By doing this you can stack more AP on your Gangplank and he will get his ultimate off more reliably due to the Kayle shield, and your Graves will be able to wail on the enemy team for longer.

However, I have noticed that you lack some consistent dmg and this can cause a loss if your Graves is killed early. By doing this you will also get the 3 Noble buff (Lucian, Garen, Kayle), but will forego the Imperial buff. So far i tested this in only two games but it seems to work fine (i got second twice).

A lot of people suggested stacking the Tristana with items instead of Graves. I think this works just as well or even better in some scenarios, but i still need time testing this variation in order to be able to make conclusions. The items that you are supposed to build on your Tristana are Hydra, Rageblade and conditional item (BT, PD, SHIV, or most often RFC). So far i feel that this build puts way more emphasis on one unit (tristana) to solo carry and if she dies, I have found that the round is most often lost.

Final notes

If Graves is not fully stacked with items in the late game, Putting one of the spatula items on him is recommended ash he utilizes them both really well with his splash auto-attacks and Titanic Hydra.

If Darius is level 3, putting a Titanic hydra and Blade of the Ruined King on him can be very effective, especially when he gets the imperial buff.

If Frozen Mallet is not used on Graves, it is best utilized on Lucian due to the large number of auto-attacks he throws out. next best option is Draven/Tristana.

Zeke’s Herald is a good item for this comp as you rely on auto-attacks from almost all of your units.

From my current experiences:

  • this comp is countered by full Glacial, multiple Phantom Dancers, Yordles-Elementalists and 6 nobles with level 2 Kayle.
  • really strong into Assasins, and wild sorcerer (in this case you put the 83% magic resistance item on your graves instead of Bloodthirster/Red Buff.

This is the ending of Teamfight Tactics Gunslinger Build (The Most Consistent Gunslinger Pirate Comp) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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