Sword Art Online: Lost Song Attack And Skill Guide

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Attacks And Skills Guide


  • Light Attacks
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Skills

Camera Tracking and Target Lock will be another section entirely
These 3 principles goes hand and hand with how you will function and progress.

Light Attacks

Light attacks are your basic form of combat, and it will be your best friend in boss fights and other events.

Light attacks are auto bound to Left Mouse Button, but you can change them to anything you want later on in the settings (Esc)

Continuing on, A light attack, like in the image above is a pretty weak attack. When playing as Silica, at base stats (Aka without any modification to equipment, not to be confused with level) and at lvl 108 (You start at lvl 100) She deals about 6-15 damage on a light attack, which is pretty garbage if I do say so myself. However, her light attack will start to add up in Combo chains if repeatedly using light attacks

The Tutorial will run you through basic combat so you will know your bindings pretty quickly.

Heavy Attacks

Heavy attacks is your best friend in dealing massive amounts of damage while simultaneously regretting your choices.

Your heavy attacks will deal the most amount of damage to your enemy at the cost of your SP, or Stamina (The Orange Bar). Stamina also happens to be your best friend when trying to escape enemies. So while using heavy attacks, you lessen the amount of distance you can utilize when fleeing from a powerful enemy.

If I were to suggest a tactic, use a 3-3 hit chain, or a 4-2 hit chain (I will explain it later on) to maximize damage while also being able to leave some lee-way just in case you need to run


Your skills are the bread and butter to every engagement you will face. Not only do they deal significant damage, but when combined with companion’s moves, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

(Active Skill)

(Casting a Skill)

As you can see from the images above, casting skills takes time and MP. Mana, or MP, is your lifeline when using skills, so pay attention.

Some skills aren’t always in unsheathed mode. Some skills are used in Sheathed mode, such as Kirito’s Healing ability and Pina’s Healing breath.


Combos are Hit Chains, end of story.

Like I said before in the guide, I recommend a 3-3 or a 4-2 combo, and possibly a skill in between if I can get it off. By using Light attacks and Heavy attacks you can make any combo in a 6 hit chain.

A 3-3 Combo goes as Such:

  1. Light Attack
  2. Light Attack
  3. Light Attack
  4. Heavy Attack
  5. Heavy Attack
  6. Heavy Attack

This Combo is a great fighting style because it means that you can deal boatloads of damage, while also giving yourself some room to flee. I use this when Farming enemies.

A 4-2 Combo goes as Such:

  1. Light Attack (x4)
  2. Heavy Attack (x2)

This combo is great for fighting bosses because it gives you time to dodge or block the next attack.

6 Hit Combo

  • Light/Heavy Attack (x6)

This strategy is really only effective against targets that you know you can dodge or block. NEVER use this strategy on a boss, it will result you taking more damage than your allies can recover.

When implementing skills into the mix, I would suggest casting the skills when you feel it is safe to do so. Aim to use a skill at the start or the end of a combo.

Dodging and Blocking

Dodging and Blocking is an amazing way to not get hit, ironically. These 2 features help dealing with hordes of enemies or stronger monsters with ease.

Dodging is essential for boss fights since bosses deal the most damage. It also allows you to get behind enemies and gives you more time to land your hits.

Blocking is really only effective if you see the enemy about to hit you.
All enemies will play an animation when getting ready to attack. When you see this animation, press your Block key (Default: Q) and hold it down. When the enemy finishes his animation, press your Left Mouse button to deliver a counter-attack, which deals massive damage.

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