SWINE HD Remaster Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

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Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

  • Must have been the wind

Get hit by a unit hidden in the fog of war.

  • Is someone there?

Destroy a unit hidden in the fog of war.

  • Anything else?

It is necessary to equip 1 machine with 3 different improvements.

  • Barbecue

Destroy 1000 Pig units.

  • Bad-tempered rodent

Destroy 1000 Rabbit units.

  • Just a hint of seasoning

Complete the Pig Campaign.

  • Fat free diet

Complete the Rabbit Campaign.

  • Oooh, shiny!

Capture a trailer from the enemy.

  • Live. Die. Repeat.

Load the same saving 3 times

  • Special snowflake

Reach the maximum rank with a unit. During the battle with the enemy technology they give experience, when the maximum level of technology is reached, you will have the achievement.

  • Here’s Johnny!

Get a new unit onto the field via airdrop.

  • The bigger they are…

Destroy an elite unit with a standard unit.

  • Clever use of…

Destroy 100 units with mines

  • You just stood there didn’t you?

Have a unit survive an entire campaign.

  • Power overwhelming

Have one of your units destroy 100 enemy units in a campaign.

  • Knock, knock

Destroy a dug in tank with a mortar unit.

  • Sting like a bee

Complete a mission using only Mortar units.

  • Party pooper

Kill 3 units with a single air strike.

  • Stay a while and read

Watch the complete credits.

  • Time for a feast

Reach 1000 experience with 5 units.

  • Plumped up

Reach 1000 experience with 3 units.

  • The Dirty Ten

Reach 1000 experience with 10 units.

  • Not such a special snowflake

Reach 1000 experience with a single unit.

This is the ending of SWINE HD Remaster Walkthrough and Achievements Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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