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Welcome, everyone. In this guide, I want to give some details about Swimsanity and I wish this writing may be a preview on Swinsanity. A pick up some details information What is Swimsanity, How to play Swimsanity and who create the Swimsanity game from different websites. And I added above for you, visitors. I hope this guide gives enough information about Swimsanity game. If any problems or ideas please comment us. Have fun!.

The crew at Decoy Games (brothers Khalil and Ahmed Abdullah, and Chris Venne) are on the verge of releasing Swimsanity, an exciting 4 player online co-op that involves high powered weapons, big ass sea turtles, and an all-around good time. And we’re not the only nerds taking a closer look at these guys lately, as their new release was recently recognized a game developed by black developers you should look out for by IGN.


In Swimsanity, you control the hero Mooba as he battles through various underwater game modes utilizing unique power-ups and weapons to survive. Also, did we mention the big ass turtles?

SwimSanity offers several modes, each giving you direct control over a “Mooba”. This strangely named soldier serves as your character and everything you do revolves around him or her. When you first hit play, you are presented with the choice of choosing between the Alliance or Defiance options.


Sound interesting? Well, you might be interested to know that the beta opens today, February 28th, 2019.

As of the time of writing, the beta signup form is still available but I wouldn’t delay!


What do we think about it?

We love what we’ve seen of Swimsanity. It is a side-scrolling adventure with a throwback feel, but the gameplay and attention to detail are anything but dated. The artwork is bright, cartoonish, and colourful – basically, everything we want out of a game about blasting sharks with your friends. all told, suggest giving Swimsanity a shot and especially to try and jump into the beta while it’s still available.

Want to see more? Check out the reveal trailer below:


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