Surviving Mars How to Expand Colony

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How to expand Colony

You need to build drone hubs to expand their range.

When you select the drone hub from the build menu to place the ghost you’ll be able to see a light outline of the range of nearby drone hubs.

Place the new hub so the range of it overlaps another hub by at least 1 hex.

You’ll then want to build a universal depot on that overlap line so your new hub and RC drones have access to resources.

Use the RC commander with a few drones to build the new hub and a power line to it.

Good to Know-More Infos

You can tell your RC transport to pick up “all” on a universal depot. It’ll only load about 10 of each resource.

Then have it haul those resources to the new area.

Bring a RC drone controller along with.

Build the thing there with the resources you hauled out and unloaded there.

You can run power all the way out there, or you can set up your own power source there.

For most things, especially early, it isn’t unreasonable to just use a solar panel and turn the building’s night shift off.

The important thing is the water.

For that you’ll have to run pipes all the way back to your base.

Probably not worth until you can get a few more drone controllers rolling.

Just buy the water condensation prefabs for early water needs in that case.

You could just build the fuel refinery out there as well.

Just make sure to keep enough resources out there to handle the maintenance of this stuff.

Then you could haul the fuel back to base with a RC transport

This is the ending of Surviving Mars How to Expand Colony guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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