Survivalist 2: Invisible Strain Beginner’s Tips

Survivalist 2: Invisible Strain game guide focuses on guides and some basic tips for beginners. In this guide you will learn what makes a good base, make good weapons and learn everything you need to know about Survivalist 2. We hope that this guide will help you.

When you start out you can pick some stuff to start off with however there’s no easy answer for what you should pick.


If it is winter pick clothing with lots of insulation and some sunglasses are always useful for seeing a little bit more far away.

If it is anything else then i would just get a mid build of clothing to prevent your self from over heating.

Correct me if i am wrong but i think you can get a backpack however they are kind of easy to find so it is not the smartest choice to get one.


When i started out i picked a Hunting knife as they are very useful (Not as a weapon they are bad)

as you can skin rabbits, corpses, start fires if you have flint and maybe more stuff.

A bow can be a decent weapon as arrows you can collect back once you have shot the enemy.

Starting in the world

The world can be quite big with a few community’s and towns that zombies hang around.

The first thing you should know is stealth is key and you should only fight at a max 3 zombies at a time to be safe.

If you run into town with a mob of zombies after you don’t expect to last long…

Once you are ready to loot a town try to get the attention of a max of 2 zombies and kill them and then just repeat until the town is clear.

Now what you should do is loot and get the items on the list.

  1. A Decent weapon (A spiked bat is good, a machete is great and a katana is the best you can get)

Try to avoid firearms like pistols, Rifles est until your firearm skill is decent however it wont hurt to have a pistol with you just in case.

  1. An Backpack (As big as you can get) is extremely useful as you can carry more.
  2. Water (As you can only survive 2 days without it) is very vital to have.

Bottles with water are ok but you should find a well (One that is not owned by looters) or a river (In winter they are often frozen so you can get water from them).

  1. Food isint needed as much but its great to have.
  2. Skill books are very good to have to boost your skills (Ones you don’t need yet should be stored away.
  3. A toolbox will be very useful for making a base (Again store it away if you don’t need it).

This is the ending of Survivalist 2: Invisible Strain Beginner’s Tips guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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