Super Animal Royale Pacifist Victory Rules and Tips

Welcome, visitors. Super Animal Royale game guide focuses on Pacifist Victory. The guide will give you, firstly, Pacifist Victory rules and the Pacifist Victory tips and tricks for Super Animal Royale game.

You can read strategy tips, dropoff tips, tools tips, health tips weapons tips for Super Animal Royale game, in this guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Pacifist Victory Rules and Tips

Pacifist Victory Rules

A pacifist is someone who doesn’t take action.

The Rules

What is allowed

  • You can be hit by opponents taking armor damage (if you have a level 1, 2 or 3 armor on your animal) and/or health damage.
  • You can break boxes to grab loot.
  • You can heal in both health and armor (if you have armor)

What you can’t do

The following will disqualify the run…

  • Going into the skunk gas or shooting a red barrel at close range on purpose to damage yourself as an excuse to heal yourself.
  • Attack opponents.

Pacifist Victory Tips

Well, before you start, you need to plan how you’re going to stay alive!

I suggest sticking as close as possible to the border as possible, as it’s highly unlikely that an enemy would ambush you by going through the gas (But if that does happen big oof) and the majority of enemies are more focused on getting to the circle of life rather than hunting down players that are sticking to the borders which improves your chances of avoiding other players and taking damage from other players:

This strategy also makes it easier for you to pickup loot from dead players or breaking crates or cutting grass if you’re that desparate with a lower % of running into an enemy player, and you will need all the health and tape you can get!


So, now you know the basics of the plan and strategy, we need to decide how to drop!


I would suggest dropping right off the start:

Don’t mind the chat lol


Dropping off as soon as possible gives you the best chance of sticking to the gas border. However if there are too many players dropping off at the start, try dropping off when you feel safe enough but try to avoid dropping off anywhere near the centre (yas British spelling now get over it UwU) of the map as it makes it harder to make a b-line for the gas border and try dropping off as close to the edges of the map as possible to make it easier to reach the gas border.


Cuz evil sloth boss sent banan to hunt you down!


Well, now you know the strategy and where to drop off, but…

what tools do I need?

Well, it’s simple.

A whole load of tape and health juice!

Try maxing out your health juice as you’re really going to need all of the health juice you can get.

The tape is just really a bonus but it can be really useful in helping you survive and could save your life, so it’s a really good bonus! 😛

Health (And armour):

So, now that you know the strategy, where to drop off and what tools you need, what next? Well, now you need to think about your health and armour, but mainly your health.

Health: Health is a key part of winning without killing anyone. Keeping your health bar as full as possible, max hp being the best, is your main priority and it is key that you have a large amount of hp especially when it’s the last 5 remaining.

This is also why collecting and keeping your health juice bar at a full is a top priority, there are other options, like campfires, which are way more risky as enemy players can see lit campfires regardless if they can see you or not and could lead to you being killed.

Armour: Armour is a second priority to health and can really save you from taking alot of damage, which is also why tape can be a good bonus, and having armour gives you more of a chance of surviving and can really save you from grenades.

Any armour is good enough but lvl 3 armour is recommended for the highest chance of survival (alongside max health and sticking to the borders).


What, you thought I was just going to leave you to rot if you failed?

Despite not being necessary, weapons can act as a fail safe if your pacifist run goes awry. Any weapon that can fire is good enough but only use it if you’re really in that hectic of a situation.

Damaging weapons:

Despite any weapon sufficing, a sniper or smg are the best as the sniper can really pack a punch whereas the smg still allows you to go at a moderately fast speed.

Non-Damaging weapons:

Although I haven’t tried it, I think that bananas are a good thing to carry around as they can temporarily immobilise players which gives you time to escape if a player tries to hunt you down and don’t do damage but I’m not sure if the game would count a player slipping as damage and ruin the pacifist run so I’d highly advise against it unless if you’re willing to take that risk (I’ll revise this as soo as possible dw ^w^)

This is the ending of Super Animal Royale Pacifist Victory Rules and Tips guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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