Stoneshard Tutorial Boss Fight Guide – How to Beat Ascended Archon

Stoneshard game guide focuses on How to Beat Ascended Archon which is the first boss at the tutorial. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on how to kill and pass the tutorial. We hope that this guide will help you.

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First stage

Destroy the left statue first.

  • Target the left statue first, as it has the highest potential to damage you.
  • Avoid the puddles of blood, they are telegraphed and easy to avoid.
  • As you step toward it, make sure you choose a tile that is outside of the Blood Puddle. When you get in close, continue to attack it, moving around to avoid the Blood Puddle attack.

If a zombie spawns let it come to you while you kill statue, and kill the zombie once in range. Zombies should die in 2 hits max.

Once left statue is dead kill right statue.

  • When the first statue is destroyed, shift your attention to the next one. This should go do much easier, especially if the zombies are summoned on the opposite side of the room.

Second Stage: The demon guy – Ascended Archon

Demon guy telegraphs his moves as well so they are easy to avoid. It has five abilities which are:

  • Corpse Devourment – Devours a corpse, replenishing 33% Max Health and 33% Max Energy
  • Phantom Bats – Marks an area and on the next turn releases a swarm of spectral bats at it, dealing 26 Unholy Damage and applying Curse for 13 turns
  • Bestial Charge – Charges forward in a 5 tile line. The first target in its path takes 666% damage. If it collides with an obstacle, it will be stunned for 2 turns
  • Swipe – Performs a strike across three adjacent tiles with 100% knockback chance
  • Jump Away – Jumps back 2 tiles or less, gains +66% dodge chance and -33% damage taken for the next turn

The goal of this fight is to avoid getting hit by its abilities at all cost. The other goal is to try and get it to stun itself by baiting its charge attack, causing it to smack into the scenery. This will give you an opening to get in some quick hits.

This is the ending of Stoneshard Tutorial Boss Fight Guide – How to Beat Ascended Archon guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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