Stoneshard Tips for Beginners

Stoneshard game guide focuses on survival tips for beginners. These tips will be about farming gold tips, gears drop locations and some gameplay tactical tips. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Tips for Beginners

Important keybindings

  • W – Weapon layout. (Switch between weapons.)
  • Space Bar / numpad 5 – skip turn.
  • 0-9 – Skills/spells.
  • Alt – Loot hovers. (Display all item names.)
  • Ctrl – Attack mode.
  • F1 – Rest mode.
  • I – Inventory
  • C – Caracter info.

All keybindings can be found in settings.

Gold Farming

  • If you want to grind, you can hunt animals in the forest and collect herbs to sell
  • that said, dungeons give you enough loot to buy better equipment over time

How to Get Gears Easily

  • Do not try to buy everything. Focus on one thing at a time. You have a descent weapon but lack a good armour. Save your money for the armour!
  • You can find gear from fallen enemies.

Quests from Elder who is in Guard Outpost near the Tavern: The quests difficulties begin from average and hard. How to make it easier?

  • On your way to the Dungeon: Collect mushrooms (only pinecap. Good for Hunger) and more important collect plants. They can save you!
  • Always have an eye on the log in the bottom left. It will save you.
  • When approaching enemys try to lure them one by one. You can shout (right-click on your char). When close enough shout and when the enemy gets the yellow indicator (?!) over his head go back and try to lure him away. One enemy is easier than 4.
  • When getting overwhelmed try to get to the edge of the map. When things gets worse leave the map. On the new map DO NOT MOVE! As long as you standing still no enemy will follow. As soon as you move one tile 1 enemy will appear right next to you.

General Tips

  • You can go hunting. IMO it´s not as rewarding as doing contracts. The danger in running into wolves or bears are high.
  • Never, never try to fight a bear unless you are lvl 6 or 7. He will kill you!
  • Try to make nature your friend. When on a map with an Outpost : look around on the map. Maybe you find some wolves or a bear. Try to lure him to the enemy. Even when they not kill them they will distract them.
  • In Dungeons : in every new room : search for Traps. This is vital. A trap can ruin everything.
  • Inventory : Do Not try to loot everything. When you have a good weapon do not take another just to sell it. It´s not worth it. Take things like jewels and medical stuff. You can taketwo weapons extra : just put them in your secondary weapons slot. (You can swap with “W”)

This is the ending of Stoneshard Tips for Beginners guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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