Stoneshard: Prologue Achievements Guide

Stoneshard: Prologue game guide focuses on story related and missable achievements Guide. The guide will give you some tips and tricks on how to get all achievements. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Story related Achievements

All these achievements are story related and can’t be missed.

  • Absolutely Legal

Use Ether Inhaler

In the tutorial you have to destroy an explosive barrel which will hurt you. The Ether Inhaler is one of the medical items you’ll have to use to treat your wounds and continue the tutorial.

  • Watch Me Rise

Complete the tutorial

As the title says, complete the tutorial.

There are two endings in this prologue:


  • Bella Lugosi is Dead

Disrupt Archon’s ritual

Archon is the boss of this prologue. The achievement is awarded after defeating him (destroy the statues).


  • At What Cost?

As your friend says, run away out of the church. Archon will transform into a gargoyle. Defeat him for the second ending and another achievement.

  • Last Hope

Find the Stoneshard

After killing Archon (the boss) go out of the church. The shard is lying in a hole between the three guys you just rescued. Take the shard and put it in your inventory.

Missable Achievements

  • That’s Brutal!

Die during the tutorial

The easiest way to do this is to stand in the range of the explosive barrel when it explodes. (Marked red on the floor)


Have your health reduced to 1 point, survive and restore it back to at least 50%

The difficult part is to get 1 hp. Use enemies or traps for this, but make sure to survive the encounter and find a save spot. Press B on your keyboard and chose the rest mode to heal yourself. Stop bleading before this or you’ll die.

  • Dressed to Kill

Equip an item to every slot. Rings and amulet slots don’t count

As the description says, equip an item in every slot, except rings and amulet. Search every chest and shelf for this, nevertheless you may do multiple runs because loot spawns randomly and you may have runs where you don’t get everything.

  • Legalise Drugs and Murder

Kill any enemy while experiencing Bad Trip

Bad Trip is a status effect you get after consuming the Herbs Extract, or with a little chance, by Stardust. Simply kill an enemy while having this effect active.

  • Dear Diary…

Collect and read all 5 diary pages

Locations of all 5 pages:

1 In the tutorial in the right shelf

2 & 3 After you finished the tutorial and jumped through the hole in the floor there is a wardrobe with 2 pages

4 After going down the stairs into the next area you’ll find a bonfire and a backpack with page No 4.

5 After going up the stairs into the next area, the church, you’ll find page No 5 on a bench in front of the boss.

Right click and read them all!

  • Bad Luck Vampire Extravaganza

Kill at least one vampire of every type

You have to kill one of every vampire (except the boss) in one run. This may take some tries, because everything is spawned randomly and you don’t always encount every type.

According to the devs, you have to kill these 6 lads in one playthrough:

This is the ending of Stoneshard: Prologue Achievements Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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