Steel Division 2 General Tips for Beginners (Beginning, Gameplay, Tactics)

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on Steel Division 2 General Tips for Beginners (Beginning, Gameplay, Tactics). While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

General Tips for Beginners

The game is demanding and can be intimidating the first time you play. By taking the time to learn the basic mechanics, you are making your first steps on the road to Steel Division 2 mastery. It might take some practice, but becoming the ultimate commander will be extremely rewarding!

Here are some tips for beginners:

  • Begin by playing a Skirmish match versus a Very Easy AI on a small map (Orsha North).
  • Use the Active Pause (“P” key by default) as much as you can: will allow you to pause the game while still giving orders.
  • Use the “Autofill” function when building your first Battlegroup.
  • Deploy/move your troops close to the dividing line at the start of the game. Don’t do too much of a conservative deployment because you will, at least, lose a lot of points. Fight for objectives and tactical positions from the start.
  • Since the Deck manager is different, check out transports. You want your initial wave of troops (inf., flame inf., leaders) to reach the objectives first before your enemy does. Fast transports are a very important for that. You might think that you have a slight advantage if you roll into the objective with a transport that can support your push, but that will be quickly negated if enemy AT or high quality infantry is already in position. Best is to mix transports in the sense of troops that occupy the initial objective and others with better transports that can take some time to reinforce the position.
  • Air superiority. I can’t stress it enough. It’s better to have an all fighter deck and just strafe enemy AT guns and troops while retaining air superiority than having uberbombers which you can’t use. Your AA tab is important for this as well since the AA is much more effective than it was in SD 44.
  • SD 2 is much more forgiving when it comes to high value units. Don’t be afraid to push your Tigers/Panthers/T-34/85s into the fire if there is an advantage to be gained. You can, for the most part, recover from medium losses. SD44 was much in the sense of – lose a tiger, lose the game.
  • Use leaders with your infantry. It gives them vet and they are especially crucial in forest fighting where flamethrower squads can surrender a lot of your stuff if a leader isn’t nearby.
  • Recon, Recon, Recon.
  • Your enemy can’t be everywhere. If he has 2-3 tanks and infantry squads pushing on one side, you can be pretty sure his defense is squishy elsewhere.
  • You can issue orders while deploying.
  • Don’t get frustrated, SD is a niche game and I see it staying that way. That means that the player base is smaller and that the people that stick around are usually players that liked the game enough to get decently good at it. Losing is normal.

Tips for Beginners Part 2

  • Customize your keys. The most important keys are fast move, unload at position, unload, hold fire, target location(for arties), hunt, and the new command that makes units(tanks) to take the fastest root to a location and stop when they get attacked.
  • Try to make battlegroups from all the divisions and examine the differences, weaknesses and strengths based on stats(for theory)
  • Learn the maps and get used to use the commands from keyboard rather than mouse. Mouse should be only be used to give a destination or an attack order.
  • The maps on the current beta were 1 map for 1v1, 1 map for 3 v 3 and one map for 4v4. I would say if you eager to play multiplayer, create a room and name it (noobs only) so you can attract people close to your skill lvl and i would suggest the 3 v 3 map since its good for any deck cause it has towns open space elevation and enough wood areas to experiment around.
  • Watch the replay after the game is over no matter if you won or lost. That way you will see what mistakes you did, and what mistakes your opponent did. so you won’t do them again or trying to avoid them.
  • While playing a match and watching the replay after, you will see in practice the difference between theory and practice. For example if its better to use a veterancy over numbers on different units.
  • The more you play the more you will get improved specially if you are watching the replays.

This is the ending of Steel Division 2 General Tips for Beginners (Beginning, Gameplay, Tactics) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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