Spiral Knights – Shroud of the Apocrea How to Farm

The idea

The ideal way for grinding this mission was from my failing way too much because everyone was separated from each other. Trust me, being separated from each other is not worth the grind in the long run. So, what would happen if everyone was together? So yeah, this was the basis.

The Party Roles

In the plate, your party needs to set up the method this way.

The Strikers

These Knights use charged brandishes to deal with the damage.

This role has 2 players occupying it.

Your job is to wait for the grave to be busted by your C.C. Man. Once the graves have been engulfed in the vortex, let your charges go. Well if there are enemies in there of course.

Both of you need to be ready for the scarab swarm that pops out. With your charged attacks and all the scarabs stuck in the vortex, they’ll instantly die with your brandish charges.

The C. C. Man

This Knight needs the most out of their CC to bust every grave for their party.

If you want the grind to go faster, you need fast (CTR) Charge Time Reduction.

Your job is to use the Vortex bomb and bust every grave around your party.

The 4th guy

I put it this way because you are a flex role, you can be bait, or you can go solve the puzzles for your team. But usually, for an effective grind, stick with the team until you cleared the outer layer of the wall.

You should be using Blitz Needle and a brandish for the most part. When grave busting, it’s up to you what weapon you want to use.

The Party Gear

Swords. Brandish lines only! That is a must!

Every member of the party’s main source of damage is the brandish’s quick strike, devastating charge attacks.

The issue with a Hammer is that when you’re using the hammer’s attack to propel yourself forward, you may hit a grave when trying to catch that soul that escaped. The main problem is within’ the weapon’s mobility to accidentally open a can of worms no one want’s to deal with. I’m talking about the scarabs.


The Antigua line, preferably Argent Peacemaker. Antigua lines make for a quick save on an ally when they are either frozen or trapped. But for most of the mission, enemies are weak to elemental or are neutral with it.

Blitz Needle is an important one for pre-plateau levels. Those damn debilities and silk wings.

You already know how to deal with Trojans though can’t complain. But with the Blitz Needle in the Plateau, usually, only one person has this.


Crowd control is a must! Any vortex bomb works. The magnetic bombs that pull enemies close together are the best setup for the party. I’d highly recommend not using anything else but the vortex bomb(s).

The Method

Head to the UPPER LEFT corner of the plateau. This is your start line.

Make sure your party is there with you. Then the C.C. Man starts his grave bombing.

The strikers and 4th guy follow up with their charged weapons, killing everything that appears.

Walk along the top of the map to the right, clearing any graves on the top.

Just stick to the wall and clear any graves that are along it.

The shroud may worry you. However, don’t worry, it’s no issue at all. In fact, the most dangerous thing in this mission are the bloody Scarabs that are unleashed.

When the shroud catches your party member, you need to free them quickly.

To notify your unaware party, you can tell them “help” or use the conveniently quick symbol chat. Numpad 0 for “HELP”

Just be quick so that the Shroud doesn’t put his spotlight on.

Once your party has made a complete square, you start working on the area inside the walls. Your 4th guy can either stay put with your team or search for puzzles.

Please help him out and tell him the location of a puzzle if you find it. To put it simply, stay with your team.


There are usually 2-3 puzzles on the plateau. The most common is the key and keyhole.

Puzzle # 1: The Devilite ring

Just follow the glowing purple path to complete it.

Puzzle #2: Embers

If you find a candle, there is an ember

Drag the ember all the way to the candle.

There are 2 candle designs. One is a single candle with a mound of white ash and crystal pillars behind. This one, when lit, summons a Dread Knaught. The big shield guy with the spear and can only be killed from behind.

Two is the left candle is always lit, then the right is unlit.

Simple, just throw the ember at the unlit candle and the puzzle is complete.

Puzzle #3: The Animal Shelter

A pile of bones around a circle of trees. Attack the bones and enemies will appear, kill the enemies and the prize will be yours.

Puzzle #4: Trojan Statue.

It is simple. Shoot all 4 statues and key pops up.

There is also one with slimes.

Puzzle #5: Aqua

Just like Embers, if there is a patch of fire that needs to be put out, there is some ball of water nearby. Put the fire out and reward is yours.

Puzzle #6: Gargoyle

I didn’t get to witniss this one. Shoot (noun) and a button will appear. The button can only be activated by placing gargoyle on it.

Each puzzle is a guaranteed x18 tokens, keep your eye out!

Secret Puzzle #7: Finding the Elevator

It is simple; walk around. The end.

Once you’re done in the Plateau, go to the elevator. If your entire team is downed, head to the elevator immediately. If your bomber is downed, you can continue farming graves, just stick together. That depends on your situation though.

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