Spiral Knights Orbs of Alchemy and Fire Crystals Farm

Hello, if you are here thats mean you need help, and thats why i’m here. If you check this guide thats mean you want to find orbs or crystals and this is a problem of a lot of player. For all the following missions you got more chance to get orbs and more crystals in elite difficulty.

1 or 2 ✮ (Flawed and Simple) orbs can be find in T1 so you can do Arcade or in new player missions so help them or do it solo its hope to you, you can also find in Shadow of the beast if you are unlucky.

3 ✮ orbs (Advanced), search on T2 Arcade or if you want missions try Shadow of the beast or Rise and fall.

4 ✮ orbs (Elite), for this one, i thinks the most usefull one, you can find them on the end of T2 arcade, Jelly (Soverain Slime) or Twins (Buid to destroy), if you want some more that don’t give a lot of money you got Sewer stasg or Axe of Evil (when you load go on bottom left then shot on all box then if you got orb on wrong side rush then repeat this)

5 ✮ (Eternal), you can find this one on T3 arcade, Rotting Metropolis, all the defenders missions, or King of ash (called FSC and the most farmed lvl in the game because that give a lot of crowns and fire crystals)

Fire Crystals
For the 0,1 and 2 ✮ crystals, they are all on T1 .
The Warm fire crystals (3 ✮), search on Shadow of the beast or T2.
Shinings fire crystals (4 ✮), can be find on T3 and all are farmed on Rotting metropolis if cant go FSC with friend or by yourself, so now you know you can find Shinings on FSC and its one of the best level to farm it.

Finaly, the 5 ✮ crystals, a pain, can be find on 27 and 28 floor, you can also farm a mission called Dream and Nightmare.

I hope this guide will help you with the farming, don’t forget to rate if it helped then, good farm !


Dont forget you are not obligated to do all the levels, you can use vial to see if yhere is something in the boxes.

Don’t forget to do your Boss Prestiges.

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