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Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to give examples of buildings, bases and states in the Space Engineers game. This is the example of Doctor Budgie’s Type 3 Frigate F-028 and we try to describe for you. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Blueprint – Type 3 Frigate F-028


The Type 3 Frigates are the mainstay patrol and policing ships of the United Planets. Most of these ships patrol the Frontier and only few are in service in the core systems, where the established infrastructure makes operating larger ships easier.

Over 100 of these ships were comissioned and serve every role from police craft to military explorer to light combat ship. They are designed to sustain a crew of two for extended periods and carry full refining, medical and assembly equipment and a capable jump drive.
The hybrid propulsion also enables the ships to operate inside a gravity well of up to 1g and in most atmospheres. To assist in a landing and as a general safety measure, each ship also carries a “drogue chute” system that slows the ship down inside an atmosphere. However, the parachutes are not sufficient to enable an unpowered landing, and in the case of an emergency they act solely to slow the ship down enough so that the crew survives the impact and can be rescued.

Armaments wise, the Type 3 Frigate equips four gatling turrets and two missile turrets, accompanied by two sequenced rocket pods for primary armament. A grid of defense turrets round up the loadout. The ship also carries a landing pad on its aft section that can service most fighters or utility craft in current service. Such an embarked craft greatly increases tactical flexibility and expands the frigate’s mission profile greatly.

This specific ship, the F-028, is on of the older ships of the class and she is nearing the end of her service life. She has seen mostly police work in the struggle against the smuggling and drug-dealing enterprises of the Frontier, but more recently she has seen three combat deployments against the so-called Independent Colonial Front. She is scheduled for decomission the next year and will likely be broken up on the scrappers’ world of Ruston.

What is this ?

This is a nice little frigate designed for peacekeeping and police work in lore. She also has decent cargo space and is propably not badly suited for a Survival play, if you value some decent firepower that is and don’t mind wasting lots of resources on all the shiny chrome bits. But make no mistake, this isn’t tested in Survival and will propably not be very viable, especially without a miner on that sweet landing pad.


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