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Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to give examples of buildings, bases and states in the Space Engineers game. This is the example of OctoMoose’s Tunnel Boring Machine (Vanilla) and we try to describe for you. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Blueprint – OctoMoose’s Tunnel Boring Machine (Vanilla)

Infinitely running tunnel boring machine. Mimicking the real deal, it also builds its own tunnel around it instead of leaving behind a cave that collapses on itself.

10m wide tunnel with 7.5m wide road built in so it is definitely on the smaller side. Still fits a wide range of small ships vehicles.


-Self-constructing, automaton which builds its own wall around itself creating a safe and solid tunnel with lights and a road of 7.5m wide road, and 10m wide tunnel.

-Automated to hell and back, you don’t need to do anything but paste it in and hit the abovementioned buttons 1, 3 & 4. It takes care of the rest.


-Self-repairing drillhead

Known issues:

-Clang… we have pistons, and we have rotors. Sometimes it is just unavoidable, however, there are safety features built that should minimize it. Might implode or explode immediately in an MP environment.

-Cutter shield doesn’t rotate or carriage doesn’t move = This is dangerous as it means a segment has turned itself into a station. Defuse by letting the tbm finish its cycle, but make sure it doesn’t autostart another. Suggest you place a control seat etc and double check “convert to ship”.

-The wall erector leaves sides empty! = The system relies on the whole core carriage jiggling a bit under pressure, which gives the welders some reach where they otherwise wouldn’t get. Just wait for it to hit the rock and you should be good.

-The cradle will be left “dirty” with some tunnel segments coming outside of the entry hole… even with startup cycle (which minimizes the amount) some remains and will need a helping hand from a grinder to clean up.

-TBM disconnects itself and is unable to recover. = Usually caused by TBM deflecting off of the surface and bending, making the merges collide and not line up. Minimize this risk by aiming at a relatively steep hill/wall and not shallow angles.

-Merge blocks refuse to move = The game is probably going ham with the “Unsupported stations” option. By default small enough station grids should move, but sometimes they apparently don’t. Untick the box to let the pieces move freely.

Read Carefully

To paste correctly, place down a block on the ground in the direction you want to go, then paste this onto that block. You may need to take out a block from a corner or wherever your guide block is to make it flush with the ground. The drill face should be as close to rock as possible without touching it. Doing it this way reduces the chance of the game autoconverting the ship into a station which is catastrophic. You should double check that it is indeed a ship after pasting the TBM in to avoid a disaster.

To start, punch the button in the control cabin labelled “1”, or “Start TBM”. Series of timers will take care of the first cycle that will get you out of the cradle. After that you will need to hit the button labelled “3”, or “Timer block forward start” which is a slightly different cycle. You may skip this button by pressing button “4” instead while any cycle is still in motion, wherein the system queues the normal tunnel segments and begins its routine. Button 4 is basically the repeat button and is needed for autonomous operation. To stop, just press 4 and the machine halts after it is finished with its current cycle.


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