Solace Crafting Console Commands

Solace Crafting game guide focuses on how to enable console commands and the list of all cheats and admin console commands. The guide will give you a list for all console commands that are listed in the game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to enable console

Console commands are listed below. To use one of them in the game

  • Press F1
  • Window will be shown to write commands
  • copy & paste one of them
  • Press enter

Console Commands




– Combat

/expToLevelUp 25

/encounterExpMultiplier 1

/enemyExpMultiplier 1

/enemyDamageMultiplier 1

/enemyHealthMultiplier 1

/playerDamageMultiplier 1

– Crafting

/baseMaterialsToLevel 50

/maxStackSize 100

/transmogrify0To1 20

/transmogrify1To2 10

/transmogrify2To3 10

/transmogrify3To4 10

– Harvesting

/baseResourcesToLevel 100

/stalkRewardMultiplier 1

/hideRewardMultiplier 1

/oreRewardMultiplier 1

/timberRewardMultiplier 1

/stoneRewardMultiplier 1

/gemRewardMultiplier 1

/plantRewardMultiplier 1

/resourceToughnessMultiplier 1

/gemToughnessMultiplier 1

/resourceUncommonSpawnRate 1

/resourceRareSpawnRate 1

/resourceEliteSpawnRate 1

/resourceLegendarySpawnRate 1

/gemUncommonSpawnRate 1

/gemRareSpawnRate 1

/gemEliteSpawnRate 1

/gemLegendarySpawnRate 1

/baseLuck 1

/maxLuck 50


/farmingPlantGrowth 90

/farmingTreeGrowth 180

/farmingPlantRewardAmount 3

/farmingTreeRewardAmount 3

/fruitRespawnHours 48

Others that are added with new patches:

/help requiring a space after it

– Added /resetuiscale as a console command

Added /targetframerate to console commands

/quality 0, /quality 1, and /quality 2 commands to change video quality in-game until I can setup some buttons

This is the ending of Solace Crafting Console Commands guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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