Solace Crafting Basic Tips for New Players

Solace Crafting game guide focuses on FAQ and Basic Tips for New Players. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks with FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Tiers, levels and rarity

  • What is the difference between Tier, Level and Rarity?

Tier is the basic material – think of it as copper vs iron

Level is the quality; higher quality means better stats and requires skill to create and use

Rarity (e.g. common, uncommon, rare, elite, legendary) affects basic stats, various effects

  • Using equipment

Your adventuring level determines what Level weapon or armor you can use but you can use any Tier or Rarity. Harvesting level (e.g. Mining) determines what Level tool you can use.

For example, if you are level 3 you can use Level 3 equipment but not Level 4. You can, however, use Tier 5 and uncommon Rarity provided it’s Level 3 or below.

  • Crafting equipment

For crafting, the highest level you can craft is determined by your crafting skill (e.g. smithing, leatherworking) for the item. The highest level tier is determined by the tier of the crafting station (e.g. Tailoring station) and the materials.

Tier 1 resources

  • How do I find Tier 1 resources?

You need to travel; there are Tier 0 resources near the starting point and each tier is 5 km further out than the last. There is a slight overlap area between each tier; for example, at 4.8 km there is a mixture of T0 and T1 resources.

  • How do I harvest the Tier 1 resources?

It is possible to harvest Tier 1 resources with Tier 0 tools but:

  • Upgrade your tools first as T1 resources are much harder than T0. You can craft higher level tools with Tier 0 resources as you increase your smithing skill.
  • Upgrading your harvesting skill strength (e.g. mining, quarrying) makes a big difference too.
  • If you find iron with uncommon rarity in Tier 0 and replace your tools with this it will help but this is not essential.

If you want NPCs (i.e. town buildings) to harvest tier 1 resources you will need to build the new storehouse at least 5 km from the starting point. A further 5km out is required for each subsequent tier. The Solace interaction shows the Tier of its location.

  • How do I make T1 tools, weapons, armour etc?

You need Tier 1 STONE first; this can be harvested with upgraded T0 tools.

Then you need to upgrade your forge so it can forge T1 iron (your T0 forge can not).

You will need both T1 iron ore and T1 wood to make the iron; you cannot use T0 wood with T1 ore.

Now you can upgrade your crafting stations so that they can make T1 items using T1 resources.

Rare resources

  • How do I find rare resources?

Resource scanning. The resource scanner stones scan for resources that are uncommon rarity and up. A new stone will scan for uncommon resources and can be upgraded to scan for higher rarities. You can pick it up and set it back down and it will retain its upgrades.


  • Looking around. Resources that are not common rarity have a glowing effect; this includes mobs. They can be harvested like normal resources.


  • How do I travel quickly?

Teleport home. Under the skills tab is the ability to teleport home. You can change your home solace from the solace upgrades option.

Solaces. If you build new solaces you can travel between them using the travel option from the solace.

Ley lines. Build a Ley Line Teleporter at the Stonecutting station.

The basic stone ley line teleporter will allow you to teleport 5km away from its placed location. This is the same distance you need to travel to get Tier 1 materials. Upgrading the teleporter “rarity” allows you to travel greater distances.

Ley line teleporters glow when you have selected a direction to travel.

Working with stuff

  • How can I carry more stuff?

Use the Tailoring station to make a bag, then you can put multiple stacks in one slot. The higher the tier the more slots a bag has. To use it select it in your inventory and select open. Then place the item in it

Use the Leatherworking station to craft a backpack for extra inventory slots; higher tiers give more slots

  • How can I store stuff?

You can store items in Solaces; these share inventory across the map

Use the Woodworking station to craft storage crates (not decorative ones, they don’t hold anything.)

When you clear a tower and defeat the boss there will be a treasure chest. After you loot it you can pick it up. Treasure chests have more storage slots than crates.

  • How can I get rid of stuff?

You can drop items if you don’t need them. However, the dropped items seem to be persistent so you can end up with a lot of little bags on the ground after a while.

Use the Woodworking station to make a trash bin.

If you want to get rid of buildings then under the skills tab is an ability that looks like a hammer that will destroy building blocks. This is a toggle and you will remove everything you click on until you turn it back off again (same button.) You will get some resources back when using this method so make sure you have room in your inventory.

Plants and Farming

  • How do I water my planters?

Before planting – Make sure you have water in your watering can (you can fill it at a well) and interact (default key F) with the planter.

After planting – Click on the edge of the planter when you have water in your watering can.

Wait for rain – rain puts a bit of moisture in the planters.

  • How do I grow mushrooms?

Put a planter in a cave; the planters don’t need to be near a solace.

  • How do I harvest fruit trees?

Use Shift-F (instead of F) on a fruit tree and select harvest lemons (or oranges).

  • How do I plant fruit trees?

Use a hoe on the ground to create some tilled soil; it does not need to be near a solace.

Create a seed from a piece of fruit.

Place the seed on the tilled soil.

Water the soil if you have a watering can with water in it.[/ollist]


  • How do I get Light?

You get light from killing monsters and beating towers. It is needed to build town buildings, upgrade solaces and enchanting items. The amount of light you get depends on your level vs the monster level.

  • I need more light!

You need to defeat higher level monsters. Currently the amount you get drops to zero if the monster is more than 2 levels below you but this is likely to change in the future

Alternately, if you want to increase the overall amount of light you get (e.g. so you can build larger towns without excessive travel) you could create or change a map so you need more exp to level up. Your character will stay at each level longer which allows you to farm Light without leveling up too fast.

If you want to change the exp for an existing map from the default 25 then press F1 (console) and enter the command:

/exptolevelup [number]

Example –

/exptolevelup 50

Will set the exp to 50 for each level

Floating Islands

  • How do I get to the floating islands in the sky?

If you go underneath the island you will find a portal that will take you there

  • Why am I suddenly losing health?

It’s cold! Make sure you pack your thermal undewear…

  • Why do I want to go to a floating island?

Because it’s there.

This is the ending of Solace Crafting Basic Tips for New Players guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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