Siralim 3 FAQ for Team, Story, Loot, Resources, Heredity

Welcome, visitors. Siralim 3  game guide focuses on FAQ (frequently asked questions). This guide is answers to some of the most common questions asked by new players. The guide includes issues about the start, team, get the feature, mimic, dumpling, godspawn, finishing the story, loot, resources, heredity. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Siralim 3 FAQ

This FAQ is intended to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by players new to Siralim 3.

Which class should I start with?

All classes are viable in both story mode and endgame. It really depends on what playstyle/strategy you favour. If you don’t like a particular class, you can change to another one later on without having to restart. There is also a way to obtain the starter Godspawn of each class later on (though this can be quite time consuming).

A quick summary:

  • Chaos – Good for attack based teams, also provides scaling damage.
  • Death – Good for summon based teams, also gives you a special creature with infinitely upgradable stats and extra trait slots.
  • Life – Good for tanky teams that do heal/barrier based damage.
  • Nature – Good for stat piling strategies and race based teams.
  • Sorcery – Good for spell based teams and spell spam strategies.

Why does my team keep dying so easily?

Overleveled enemies or low defense aside, the primary cause of this is likely to be having an Emerald Paragon on your team.

Emerald Paragon

Emerald Attunement

All creatures deal 50% more damage. This trait does not stack.

Most new players overlook the fact that its trait applies to all creatures, meaning your enemies also get a damage boost from it.

How do I unlock <feature>?

Features are unlocked either by simply progressing through story mode and reaching the endgame, or by grinding favor with the gods (see the very helpful Guide to the Gods for specifics).

How do I get a Mimic?

Mimics cores have an extremely low chance of dropping when you kill Mimics. Because of the low drop rate, grinding for one is not really recommended, but if you want to do that anyway, then it would be best to grind in Arachnid’s Nest (highest concentration of Mimics) and with Friden’s Greed talisman maxed.

How do I get a Dumpling?

A dumpling can be obtained by having 700 creatures in your Bestiary.

  • Alakadan – Tavern chests
  • Dikya – Realm quest treasure
  • Elqor – Gate of the Gods
  • Iconus – Nemesis treasure
  • Kalasag – Tavern brawls
  • Laglor – Treasure Golem drop
  • The Lost – Treasure drop (various sources)
  • Tisya – Arena chests
  • Walken – Shady Dealer
  • Yllor – Nether Crucibles

Should I grind favor before finishing the story?

Reasons to grind favor in story mode:

Realms are not randomised.

There are no Nemesis creatures, so Heart of Darkness can be used to speed farm without fear of encountering them.

Reasons not to grind favor in story mode:

Alteration can be used to grind specific realms at fairly low cost, so random realms are not a big deal.

You miss out of all the endgame features for an extra <x> hours.

You miss out on the extra loot/levels/resources provided by Nemesis creatures.

You miss out on the Gonfurian’s Beckoning talisman, which gives you 100 additional favor per realm quest when maxed.

That said, I personally think it is better to just finish the story and dive in to the endgame ASAP.

How do I get more loot?

If you want to make rarer loot more common, then get more Achievement points. If you want to increase the amount of loot, then the best way would be to:

Increase item bonus via Casual John.

Complete Sigils with high Sigil bonus (having the Unbroken Mirror talisman maxed helps a lot with this).

Put points into any talismans that affect loot drops (Gonfurian’s Beckoning, Scavenger’s Sorrow and Tartarith’s Hatred are probably the best in terms of value).

How do I get more resources?

The best way to maximise the amount of resources gained per battle is by stacking resource modifiers. With as many modifiers stacked as possible, you can get 200,000+ of each resource per battle.

  • Modifiers:
  • Perks – Resource mage perks can give up to 100% extra resources.
  • Cards – Griffon/Phase Warrior.
  • Runes – Ruh, Xil, Chi, Inu, Nae.
  • Knowledge – Rank A gives 50% more resources for killing a creature.
  • Talismans – Darkside of Erebyss, Meraxis’ Smile, Surathli’s Redemption, Vulcanar’s Deception, Zonte’s Knowledge.
  • Nemesis mobs – Nemesis mobs give 3x resources, increasing Nemesis encounter rates via talisman is recommended
  • Artifacts – +20 to +30 to base per resource property, increased further by traits which increase Artifact property values.
  • Sigil Bonus – 500% to 700% bonus is ideal.

How does Heredity work?

Heredity is a way to tweak the distribution of stats for a creature for minmaxing purposes. For a specific stat (e.g. Speed), creatures gain 30% of the base value of that stat per level. Heredity allows you to increase this amount by up to +15 (45% of the base stat value gained per level). As this is a stat redistribution rather than a stat boost, another stat would have to lose an equal amount, up to -15 (15% of the base stat gained per level).

There are two ways to change heredity for a creature: breeding and genes.

In order to change the heredity of a creature via breeding, the creature will first need to be Primed. Priming a creature can be done by having it participate in battles and requires ~700 kills (Heart of Darkness kills do not count). You can check if a creature is primed via its creature sheet.

Once a creature is primed, you can breed it with another creature for +1 of the pedigree’s highest stat and -1 of its lowest stat (with the Maximum Health stat being weighted differently, since it is typically always the highest stat). If the other creature is also primed, then the pedigree will gain/lose additional heredity points. You can control which stat is highest for a creature by using Artifacts to boost the stat you want to gain heredity for.

Genes are special consumables obtained from completing prophecies. Each type of gene increases the heredity for a specific stat by +1 while decreasing the heredity of another stat by -1. Genes are typically used to change the heredity of creatures that can’t be changed via breeding (such as Nethers and Avatars).

This is the ending of Siralim 3 FAQ for Team, Story, Loot, Resources, Heredity guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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