Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues Map of Starting Areas

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Map of Starting Areas

There are three starting areas, each consisting of a Story scene and then an Outskirt scene. The story scene begins that part of the associated storyline. All three storylines are meant to be played in tandem, so finishing all of these early in the game is recommended.

Battle of Solace Bridge -> Love

Battle of Highvale -> Courage

Blood River Massacre -> Truth

After you do the Battle/Massacre scene and leave, the next time you visit it is now a different one.

Battle of Solace Bridge turns into Solace Bridge. Blood River Massacre become Blood River, and Battle of Highvale become Highvale. Highvale and Solace Bridge have some small sidequests you can do if you go back after visiting the next town.

Associated with all three is an “Outskirts”. These are you XP jackpot, particularly if you are a crafter, as crafting XP is hard to come by. Nothing in the Outskirts is a main story quest, the scenes can be skipped if you don’t want the XP.

After finishing your first Outskirts scene, tell the main NPC there “Deed” to get your land deed.

At that point you can go claim land in a player owned town. Take a break and try out home ownership if you like. Go do some community events. But when you get back into adventuring (or before crafting) do the other two Outskirts for the XP (and some valuable deco items, Frostgeist skulls are worth at least 10,000 gold each to players as deco).

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