Shadowverse – How to Build Rune Deck

Way to build your rune deck=

There are few ways I personally found it’s a really effective counter enemy.

  1. Alternative Rush

This the play style where you mix up with the monster and spell to the maximum you dmg to enemy caster, this way would put in some storm card and later stage monster to booster out the dmg.

This way of deck it’s much powerful on early stage, but will easily run off all you resource on later stage, so it’s here go for nothing kind of play style.

  1.  Goblem focus deck

put in all of monster goblem and using the earth rite to deal massive effect on enemy side.

this kind of play style compare to alt rush are slow pace, but defensive power are much durable when face dragon burst deck.

3.Mysteria deck(anne, pay deck)

this is classical example of pay to win deck, this kind of deck heavily put in all the mysteria cards, focus on kick out the key card anne caster to one shot kill enemy.

it’s a very cheap shot, normal player need heavy time grind to build out this expensive deck, the weakness of this deck are most of mysteria monster super fragile, so you may get killed even before call out any anne fire ball card, which it’s in after turn ten.

example deck=

Zealot of truth

using the Zealot and put in tons of monster to deal early dmg, later stage using the Zealot and spell dmg to end the enemy.

Golem deck

heavy put in golem, so you could maximise the use of earth rite, have a lot of defence power compare to other play styles.


Heavy Spell (anne)

deck put in as many spells and mystery cards, where you aim to defence and attack an enemy, if you fail on, then throw in the anne to end enemy for failure safety.


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