Shadowverse – Beat Story Mode Without Paid Deck

what kind of deck will we use?

1.rush deck

2.extra rush deck

3.triple rush deck

Since most of the deck in a later stage are using the unlimited deck to counter your faction. So your only goal it’s to kick out as many DPS on an early stage in, so defence didn’t mean anything since enemy full deck are counter you so you always get overwhelmed by OP deck.

Important card


Since most of faction didn’t own a good early stage monster, so most of the time goblin it’s really the best value card on most common case, trust me you need a monster rather some weird spell or amelt that waste your turn.


Well, the card is the beginner card, so all of the player will have three of this card, this card not much use on ranked unfortunate, but this card keeping your troops alive, which are a key point to win story mode.

Example (deck)


Have tons of spell, so put in more goblin and well to keep you early dominated.


Focus on early dominated so you could take down an enemy caster.

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