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A quick disclaimer, I found these sources not through gameplay, but by going through the unpacked files, and i will most likely not be updating this until a larger content update drops by, though I’m not sure there’ll be changes to this until then.

The attribute bonus skills have different max levels btw, so it’s not a mistake that str and int goes to 6.

And lastly, the content of this could essentially spoil things in some way I guess? so ye, don’t blame me for that if you choose to still go ahead.

Without further ado, let’s delve into it

Passive Skills

Skill: STR Bonus (I ~ VI)

Source: Black Spider, Young Wolf, Minotaur, Cyclops, Rocky

Skill: DEF Bonus (I ~ V)

Source: Land Turtle, Ornate Turtle, Crystal Golem

Skill: INT Bonus (I ~ VI)

Source: Tigris, Frostfowl, Flame Serpent, Chimera, 3rd Sera

Skill: RES Bonus (I ~ V)

Source: Wild Bat, Wild Tiger, Arachnid, Metal Slime

Skill: AGI Bonus (I ~ V)

Source: Fledgling, Monkey, Leopard

Skill: Auto Regen

Source: White Tiger, Ornate Turtle

Skill: Retaliation

Source: Minotaur

Skill: Deadly Strike II

Source: Big T

Skill: Fire Mastery

Source: Fox

Active Skills

Skill: Accelerate II

Source: Leopard

Skill: Shadow Blaze

Source: Sheep, Shadow Slime

Skill: Shadow Cross

Source: Shadow Slime

Skill: Shadow Bomb

Source: Furball, Cerberus

Skill: Dual Swipe

Source: Rootguard

Skill: Explosion

Source: Exploding Fruit (Rootguard minion)

Skill: Ember

Source: Fox, Fire Slime

Skill: Fire Blast

Source: Fire Slime, Flame Serpent

Skill: Fiery Claw

Source: 1st Sera

Skill: Titan Slam

Source: Jade Golem

Skill: Heal

Source: Sheep, White Tiger

Skill: Ice Bolt

Source: Ice Slime

Skill: Ice Shrapnel

Source: Ice Slime, Frostfowl, 2nd Sera

Skill: Overcharge

Source: Crystal Golem

Skill: Paralyze

Source: Green Snake

Skill: Protect II

Source: Land Turtle

Skill: Spark

Source: Thunder Slime

Skill: Thunder Shock

Source: Thunder Slime, Shockspike

Skill: Thunder Bolt

Source: Shockspike

Skill: Trinity

Source: 4th Sera


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