Serment: Contract with a Devil Console Commands

Enabling console

First things first, enabling the console.

Open the game directory. (Right-click game in steam > properties > local files tab > browse local files)

Once there, go to renpy > common

Then find the file 00console.rpy

Open it in your preferred text editor and look for the line “config.console = False”

Change it to “config.console = True”

Save and close the file, and you’ve enabled console

To bring it up in game, press Shift + O (That’s the letter, not zero)

*Use of the console can break your game or introduce bugs that wouldn’t otherwise exist, so if you ever get a bug whilst console is enabled, or with a save that has had anything altered with console, include that in a potential bug report. (TL;DR: you’re responsible for the mess you make)

**Bear in mind that the devs can probably completely remove the ability to enable the console if they want to.

***This guide may or may not contain spoilers, but I will not use any black bars.


Now that you’ve enabled the console, you need something you can do it with, so here is a list of a few commands.


– Heals the player character completely.

set_level(player_actor, 50)

– Sets the designated characters level, haven’t yet checked what the name is for all of them yet, will come back to this.

player_actor.strength += 1

player_actor.defend += 1 += 1

player_actor.res += 1

player_actor.agi += 1

– Above commands increase the stat by 1, you can also use -= 1 to reduce it, aswell as any other number. Finally, you can directly set it by just using =, like with money below.

Money = 1000000

– Sets your current amount of money, can also be used with += and -=, like any other number variable.


– Adds the special item angel wings to inventory, which reduces all travel time to 5 minutes and remove combat time entirely.

food_inv.add(seafood_soup, 1)

– Adds items to the food inventory, refer to the food item list.

player_inv.add(magic_essence, 1)

– Adds items to the players inventory, in this case, 1 Magical Essence, refer to the item lists.

player_actor.change(“hp”, 1337)

– Change any value, you can replace “hp” with things like def, res, str, agi, int, mp, and so on.

Special Inventory Items

This section contains the ID’s of all items that go into the special_inv

Maria’s Charm

ID = maria_charm

Dungeon Manual

ID = dungeon_manual

Salamander’s Tail

ID = salamander_tail

Lily’s Spirit Signal

ID = lily_ss

Maria’s Spirit Signal

ID = maria_ss

Dolly’s Spirit Signal

ID = dolly_ss

Iris’s Spirit Signal

ID = iris_ss

Felina’s Spirit Signal

ID = felina_ss

Arisa’s Spirit Signal

ID = arisa_ss

Rocky’s Core

ID = m_golem_core

Fafnir’s Jewel

ID = fafnir_jewel

Fafnir’s Recharged Jewel

ID = fafnir_jewel_2

Powered Boots

ID = powered_boots

Angel Wings

ID = angel_wings

Dimensional Pocket

ID = dimensional_pocket

Ren’s Fan

ID = ren_fan

Dragon Crystal

ID = dragon_crystal

Recovery Kit

ID = recovery_kit

Arcane Scroll

ID = arcane_scroll

Ino’s Hairpin

ID = ino_hairpin

Magic Goggles

ID = magic_google

Shop Key

ID = shop_key

Yami’s Token

ID = yami_token

Lucifer’s Token

ID = lucy_token

Phantom’s Token

ID = phantom_token

Garde’s Token

ID = garde_token

Food Inventory Items

This section contains IDs for all food items, for use with food_inv (for food materials, check the material section)

Emilia’s Lunch Combo

ID = emilia_lunch


ID = apple


ID = strawberry


ID = banana

Sunny Side Up

ID = sunny_side_up


ID = bread


ID = cheesecake

Fruit Cake

ID = fruit_cake

Apple Pie

ID = apple_pie

Meat Stew

ID = meat_stew

Fresh Sushi

ID = fresh_sushi

Smoked Salmon

ID = smoked_salmon

Fish Pate

ID = fish_pate

Pate Baguette

ID = pate_bread

Fried Fish

ID = fried_fish

Rejuvenating Soup

ID = rejuvenating_soup

Seafood Soup

ID = seafood_soup

Deluxe Meal

ID = deluxe_meal

Mushroom Noodle

ID = mushroom_noodle

Cutlet Bowl

ID = cutlet_bowl

Mixed Pizza

ID = mixed_pizza

Royal Hot Pot

ID = royal_hot_pot

Material Items

This section contains IDs of all materials, for use with player_inv


ID = iron


ID = silver


ID = mythril


ID = platinum

Dragon Scale

ID = dragon_scale


ID = adamantite


ID = woo

Spider Web

ID = spider_web


ID = string


ID = ribbon


ID = cloth

Wool Cloth

ID = wool_cloth


ID = silk


ID = satin

Magic Cloth

ID = magic_cloth


ID = garnet


ID = aquamarine


ID = cytrine


ID = onyx

Tiny Fang

ID = tiny_fang

Light Feathers

ID = light_feathers


ID = leather

Rough Skin

ID = rough_skin

Soft Fur

ID = soft_fur


ID = quills

Turtle Shell

ID = turtle_shell

Magic Goo

ID = magic_goo

Tough Leather

ID = tough_leather

Sharp Fang

ID = sharp_fang

Blue Shell

ID = blue_shell

Demon Horn

ID = demon_horn

Mystic Fur

ID = mystic_fur

Metal Goo

ID = metal_goo

Chimera Hoof

ID = chimera_hoof

Concentrated Venom

ID = concentrated_venom

Rainbow Prism

ID = rainbow_prism

Ancient Tusk

ID = ancient_tusk

Amber Beak

ID = amber_beak

Black Mythril

ID = black_mythril

Iron Sand

ID = iron_sand


ID = egg


ID = flour


ID = cheese


ID = lemon

Raw Meat

ID = raw_meat


ID = potato


ID = herbs

Wild Mushroom

ID = wild_mushroom


ID = shrimp


ID = tuna


ID = trout


ID = eel


ID = squid


ID = salmon


ID = lobster


ID = swordfish


This section contains the IDs of all weapons, for use with player_inv

Wooden Katana

ID = wooden_katana


ID = odachi


ID = kanshou


ID = bakuya


ID = onimaru


ID = kiku_ichimonji


ID = asura


ID = masamune


ID = muramasa

Wooden Sword

ID = wooden_sword

Iron Sword

ID = iron_sword

Mythril Blade

ID = mythril_blade


ID = claymore


ID = flamberge


ID = durandal


ID = excalibur

Blood Sword

ID = blood_sword

Wooden Rod

ID = wooden_rod

Iron Rod

ID = iron_rod

Ocean Rod

ID = ocean_rod

Wizard Rod

ID = wizard_rod

Mystic Rod

ID = mystic_rod

Volcanic Rod

ID = volcanic_rod

Prism Rod

ID = prism_rod


ID = icarus

Paper Fan

ID = paper_fan


ID = dictionary

Thunder Tome

ID = thunder_tome

Frosty Memoir

ID = frosty_memoir

Holy Tome

ID = holy_tome

War Grimoire

ID = war_grimoire


ID = encyclopedia


ID = niflheim

Yellow Bell

ID = yellow_bell

Silver Bell

ID = silver_bell

Healing Chime

ID = heal_chime

Demonic Chime

ID = demon_chime

Hell’s Lullaby

ID = hell_lullaby

Seraphic Bell

ID = seraphic_bell

Bell of Chaos

ID = bell_of_chaos

Iron Lance

ID = iron_lance

Steel Spear

ID = steel_spear

Knight Lance

ID = knight_lance

Mythril Halberd

ID = mythril_halberd


ID = longinus

Dragon Lance

ID = dragon_lance

Gae Bulg

ID = gae_bulg


ID = gungnir

Cat Claws

ID = cat_claws

Silver Claws

ID = silver_claws

Mythril Claws

ID = mythril_claws

Vampire Talons

ID = vampire_talons

Tiger Claws

ID = tiger_claws

Platinum Claws

ID = platinum_claws

Death’s Grip

ID = death_grip

Blank Chip

ID = blank_chip


This section contains the IDs of all armor, for use with player_inv

Kunoichi Outfit

ID = kunoichi_outfit

Light Armor

ID = light_armor

Enchanted Dress

ID = enchanted_dress


ID = cheongsam


ID = underwear


ID = clothes

Leather Vest

ID = leather_vest

Wool Sweater

ID = wool_sweater

Silk Clothes

ID = silk_clothes

Hunter Outfit

ID = hunter_outfit

Feral Tunic

ID = feral_tunic

Ranger Cape

ID = ranger_cape

Master Gi

ID = master_gi

Battle Suit

ID = battle_suit

Assassin Garb

ID = assassin_garb


ID = beastmaster

Desert Vest

ID = desert_vest

Heroic Cloak

ID = heroic_cloak

Dragon Tunic

ID = dragon_tunic

Iron Armor

ID = iron_armor

Silver Chainmail

ID = silver_chainmail

Silver Breastplate

ID = silver_breastplate

Quill Armor

ID = quill_armor

Tortoise Plate

ID = turtle_plate

Mythril Chainmail

ID = mythril_chainmail

Mythril Armor

ID = mythril_armor

Platinum Armor

ID = platinum_armor

Bone Armor

ID = bone_armor

Azure Plate

ID = azure_plate

Jade Hauberk

ID = jade_hauberk

Black Mail

ID = black_mail

Dragon Cuirass

ID = dragon_cuirass


ID = sentinel

Apprentice Robe

ID = apprentice_robe

Silver Lace Gown

ID = silver_lace_gown

Warm Robe

ID = warm_robe

Silk Robe

ID = silk_robe

Slimy Robe

ID = slimy_robe

Magician Robe

ID = magician_robe

Witch Mantle

ID = witch_mantle

Satin Robe

ID = satin_robe

Gothic Dress

ID = gothic_dress

Spirit Vestment

ID = spirit_vestment

Rainbow Dress

ID = rainbow_dress

Mystic Shroud

ID = mystic_shroud

Luminous Gown

ID = luminous_gown


This section contains al IDs of accessories, for use with player_inv

Gladiator Ring

ID = gladiator_ring

Knight Ring

ID = knight_ring

Sorcerer Ring

ID = sorcerer_ring

Psychic Ring

ID = psychic_ring

Thief Ring

ID = thief_ring

Silver Ring

ID = silver_ring

Mystic Charm

ID = mystic_charm

Fire Bracelet

ID = fire_brace

Ice Bracelet

ID = ice_brace

Thunder Bracelet

ID = thunder_brace

Shadow Bracelet

ID = shadow_brace

Wild Necklace

ID = wild_neck

Feather Charm

ID = feather_charm

Dusty Charm

ID = dusty_charm

Titan Bracelet

ID = titan_brace

Ren’s Ribbon

ID = ren_ribbon

Monkey Paw

ID = monkey_paw

Mini Barrier

ID = mini_barrier

Leather Sash

ID = leather_sash

Trainee Gloves

ID = trainee_gloves

Jeweled Necklace

ID = jeweled_necklace

Lucky Charm

ID = lucky_charm

Garuda Charm

ID = garuda_charm

Tiger Eye

ID = tiger_eye

Champion Badge

ID = champion_badge

Paladin Badge

ID = paladin_badge

Archmage Badge

ID = archmage_badge

Templar Badge

ID = templar_badge

Assassin Badge

ID = assassin_badge

Heroic Crest

ID = heroic_crest

Berserker Soul

ID = berserker_soul

Guardian Soul

ID = guardian_soul

Dragon Soul

ID = dragon_soul

Mythril Bangle

ID = mythril_bangle

Adamantite Guard

ID = adamantite_guard

Molten Amulet

ID = molten_amulet

Frost Amulet

ID = frost_amulet

Thunder Amulet

ID = thunder_amulet

Shadow Amulet

ID = shadow_amulet

Twilight Bangle

ID = twilight_bangle

Demonic Ring

ID = demonic_ring

Demonic Ring II

ID = demonic_ring_2

Seraphic Ring

ID = seraphic_ring

Seraphic Ring II

ID = seraphic_ring_2

Fiery Core

ID = fire_core

Freezing Core

ID = ice_core

Lightning Core

ID = thunder_core

Shadow Core

ID = dark_core

7 Colored Amulet

ID = _colored_amulet


*Yes, this one starts with an _, it is not a mistake.

Holy Emblem

ID = holy_emblem

Dragon Jewel

ID = dragon_jewel

Power Wrist

ID = power_wrist

5-leaf Clover

ID = five_leaf_clover

Crest of Nobles

ID = noble_crest

Spirit Emblem

ID = spirit_emblem

Midas Gloves

ID = midas_gloves

Phantom Mask

ID = phantom_mask

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