Sekiro Shadow Die Twice – Shura Achievement Guide

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice manages to live up to its monstrously high expectations in nearly every way. Its high-risk combat system is as satisfying as it is punishing, and its level design begs you to explore every inch of the world. Sekiro tells an intriguing tale about loyalty and mortality packed with surprises and easy-to-miss side stories.

Shura Achievement Guide

Attained the ‘Shura’ ending

After progressing through the story long enough, you should come back to a war-torn Ashina Castle. At the same location you fought Genichiro, you’ll see Owl speaking with Kuro. When this cutscene ends, approach Owl and speak to him. You’ll get an ultimatum.

  • Choose to stay loyal to Owl.

When this happens, you’ll trigger two boss fights. After you have completed these two boss fights, you will have received the Shura ending and the achievement along with it.

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