Sekiro Shadow Die Twice – Great Colored Carp Achievement Guide

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice manages to live up to its monstrously high expectations in nearly every way. Its high-risk combat system is as satisfying as it is punishing, and its level design begs you to explore every inch of the world. Sekiro tells an intriguing tale about loyalty and mortality packed with surprises and easy-to-miss side stories.

Great Colored Carp Achievement Guide

Defeat the Great Colored Carp

Upon killing the Divine Dragon; and the Guardian Ape earlier; head to the Great Sakura location in the Fountainhead Palace. From there, you’ll want to jump into the lake and swim out to the half-sunken house on the leftmost side.

You’ll meet an NPC that will remark about a large carp that is stationed within a cave. Directly next to her, you’ll find that very same cave. Dive underneath and stroll through. At this point, the massive carp will be angry and you’ll have to use the broken houses on either side as defense from him.

But once you’ve gotten to the end, you’ll get another idol. Enter the decrepit building in front of you and kill all the enemies inside. On one side of the hall is a chest, grab that for a prayer bead and then open the door behind it.

When you open the door, step through and move to your right. Look up at the roof and you’ll notice a grapple position. Grapple and fling forward. Follow the grapple spots to land at the Feeding Grounds location, which is where we’ll be feeding our fish.

Grab the idol for now and speak to the NPC. He’ll also remark about the fish. I went ahead and fed the fish some Precious Bait before moving on. If you need Precious Bait, you can find some in the small pond in the Guardian Ape Watering Hole. Once you have it, ring the bell just past the idol.

After this, proceed to the Dragonspring idol in Hirata Estate and find the pot vendor in the lake.

You may have to purchase a couple of things before he’ll unlock his talk option. Once you do so, speak with him until you exhaust all of his dialogue. He will give you his own special bait that will kill this large carp. Snag the item and head back to your new Feeding Grounds idol.

From there, ring the bell and select the new bait this time. You’ll toss it into his mouth and then you’ll head back to the idol once last time, teleporting yourself to the Guardian Ape Watering Hole. If you’ve done everything correctly, the carp will be laying there dead.

In front of him will be an item. Pick that up and you’ll score your achievement. After this, you can travel back to the Pot Nobel in Hirata Estate and snag yourself some Lapis Lazuli for your troubles.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

  • Great Sakura. Jump in lake. Speak to NPC on half-sunken house on left-side.
  • Swim underneath. Find cave and swim through. Get Palace Grounds idol.
  • Walk into house. Kill monsters. Turn towards chest and open that door.
  • Step out of door and turn to the right. Grapple up onto the roof.
  • Follow the grapples to the Feeding Grounds idol.
  • Speak with NPC about the carp.
  • Maybe optional:¬†Feed fish precious bait (can get from pond in Guardian Ape Hole).
  • Go to Dragonspring idol. Find Pot Nobel in lake. Exhaust dialogue. Retrieve new bait.
  • Back to Feeding Grounds. Ring the bell just before the idol. Feed carp the new bait.
  • Go to the Guardian Ape Watering Hole. Pick up item in front of dead carp.
  • Travel back to Pot Nobel for Lapis Lazuli.

This is the ending of the Great Colored Carp Achievement Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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