SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Guide (Works, Locations, Symbols)

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Keycards Guide (Works, Locations, Symbols)

Although there are 10 different access types in the game, they fall under three main categories:SCP, Military, and Administrative.

  • SCP access will open up the various SCP rooms, including 096’s chamber (containing a Commander Card), 012’s room (containing a research supervisor keycard), and crucially 106’s chamber doors, allowing you to recontain him.
  • Military obviously gives weapons, but also gives access to the micro HID and 079’s generators.
  • Administrative gives access to the intercom, opens checkpoints, opens the gates, and can open up the warhead control room on surface.

SCP Access

SCP Access are the first 3 icons. They are Safe, Elucid, and Keter. It should be noted that despite being classified as Elucid, 079’s blast doors require Keter access to open.
SAFE: Safe access allows you to open SCP-914’s door to upgrade your cards and weapons. It is found on every card in the game.
EUCLID: Euclid is on Scientist cards and higher tier administrative/military cards. This will get you into 012’s room, and more importantly into 096’s room.
KETER: Keter allows you to open 106’s doors to recontain him. It also allows you to open 079’s doors to… hide i guess?

Military Access

Military Access are the three symbols beneath SCP Access, and correspond to Light armory, Medium armory, and Heavy armory.

LIGHT: Light armory gets you into the 00 armory in light containment, which gives access to an assortment of guns, grenades, and tablets. It also opens the ammo intersection in Heavy Containment.

MEDIUM: Medium armory allows access to the armory in the Alpha warhead room, and the armory in SCP-049’s containment chamber. each has an epsilon rifle, a medkit, a weapon manager tablet + workstation, and has a chance of having the MP7 Pistol.

HEAVY: This armory access allows you to get into the Micro HID room, and open up SCP-079’s generators in heavy containment.

Administrative access

Administrative access are the four rightmost symbols.

TOP LEFT: GATE ACCESS: Gate access allows you to open gate A and gate B, allowing you to get outside and escape.

TOP RIGHT: NUCLEAR ACCESS: Nuclear access allows you to get into the warhead control room on surface, and opens up the big red button.

BOTTOM LEFT: INTERCOM: Everyone’s favorite meme room; the intercom can also be used to broadcast important information

BOTTOM RIGHT: CHECKPOINT: This access allows you to move through the checkpoints located between light/heavy, and heavy/entrance.

Light Containment Zone

Every Scientist will spawn with a Scientist keycard, which can be stolen or looted.

The PC room will always spawn with one Scientist Keycard somewhere on the desks. Look for the yellow.

This room will spawn with lockers in the right corner, and can contain both a Scientist Keycard and a Zone Manager Keycard, as well as a Janitor card. Hold E to open the lockers. If they are already open you are out of luck. There is also a chance of a gun spawning in the middle of the glass room

This room can spawn with both a Scientist Keycard and a Janitor Keycard. Check the floors and sinks on both sides, and on the toilet on the right side. There is a chance of a gun spawning on the sink in the left side.

This room always contains a Research Supervisor Keycard on the table, and requires Elucid access to obtain. There is a chance of a gun spawning next to it

Some players mistakenly believe that you can find a keycard up here, but this is false. It does, however, have the fourth possible spawn location for a gun.

Heavy Containment Zone

A Guard Keycard can always be found in the Alpha Warhead room on the shelves next to the armory.

A Cadet Keycard can be found in the Server room on the upper layer, in the back (next to where the Generator normally spawns). If the cadet card doesnt spawn in the usual place, check the back servers that are underneath , you might find one between the server to left (direction of the door) and the one next to it Currently unconfirmed. Please comment if you find it here reliably

A Commander Keycard can always be found in 096’s back chamber, and requires Elucid access to obtain.

Entrance Zone

Every guard will spawn with a Guard Keycard

The locker room will have 2 sets of lockers in it, which can contain Scientist cards, Research Supervisor cards, Cadet cards, Lieutenant cards, and Commander cards.

MTF will always spawn with a corresponding keycard; Cadet gets Cadet, Lieutenant gets Lieutenant, and Commander gets a Commander Card. Scientists will obtain a lieutenant card upon escaping

Chaos will always spawn with a Chaos Insurgency Access Device, which is equivalent to a Commander card.

Additional Notes

  • Every card that has Keter access also has Nuclear access
  • Drop Keycards (and all other items) before escaping, otherwise they will be deleted
  • You can use Frag grenades to open doors you dont have keycard access for. The exceptions to this rule are all blast doors, All doors on Surface, checkpoint doors, and 106’s chamber doors.
  • putting a janitor card or scientist card on 1:1 will turn them into zone manager cards, which can be put in on fine to give a Facility Manager card, and then again to give an O5 Keycard. This is preferable to spamming Fine, as it is much faster and more reliable.
  • only three cards have Keter/Nuclear access; A facility manager, a Containment engineer, and an O5. Coincidentally they are all red or black. They can only be obtained from upgrading a card in 914
  • only three cards have Heavy armory access; A commander Card, a Chaos Card, and an O5 Keycard.
  • a black O5 Card has access to everything in the game.
  • If you see a body somewhere, check it for cards. D class and Scientists tend to have high level cards from 914, while the other classes will drop their corresponding cards assuming they have not visited 914 yet.
  • Chaos cards can be upgraded in 914

Escaping without 914

By combining several cards, you can get out of the facility without using 914.

ROUTE 1: Rock bottom.: You spawn with no card and dont loot any. Get a scientist card and a zone manager, or the research supervisor via a normal scientist card. head upstairs into heavy and find 096’s room. open it up and take the commander card. now just leave through entrance zone like normal.

ROUTE 2: Nerd powah: Grab either the Zone manager or the Research supervisor in 012, and then take the normal Shy Guy route

ROUTE 3: Escaped into heavy with no card/guard card.: Locate the server room and take the cadet card. use it to open 096 and proceed like route 1.

Route 4: The entrance gamble: This is a very unpredictable and rare route. Instead of going for the server room or Shy Guy’s place, head directly into entrance and try to locate the locker room. VERY rarely the guards will have not used it and EVEN RARER you may find a lieutenant or commander card in there. Use this route as a last resort if shy guy’s card has been taken, and light is still flooded with SCPs


This is the ending of SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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