SCP: Secret Laboratory – Escape as D-Class

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on How to Escape as D-Class in SCP: Secret Laboratory. Without cards and guns you’re able to use the power of some of the most powerful techniques that D-class has to offer. Such as: hiding, earrape, peanut, flashing and countless of other dead memes that will make every NTF and scientist shoot you without hesitation

While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

How to Escape as D-Class

Light containment strategy:

You basically JUST respawned in a very crowded area filled with plenty of D-class. Think of D-class as spermatozoids, you’ve got the numbers – but at the end of the day only one can make it out alive with sheer luck and skill (but mostly luck, let’s be real here).

Yours goals in light containment are:

Finding a Keycard

It’s important to have a keycard in order to achieve anything in light containment. Sadly there’s really no skill that would improve your odds of getting a keycard. HOWEVER, there are still plenty of keycards scattered around light-containment for your keeping. Keycard locations can be found across several areas: SCP 372, SCP 012, bathroom area, desk area.

NOTICE: Keycards found in light containment are very weak and only serve for further upgrading in 914 to get a better tier card, unless you get a checkpoint card (which is still frankly weak for anything else) that could lead you through heavy containment and entrance zone.

Finding weapons and other goods

Areas in light containment also have a very small chance of spawning some goodies – you can find weapons, medkits, flashlights in areas mentioned above: SCP 372, SCP 173 (not confirmed, it is told that SCP 173’s cell has a chance to have a handgun in it), SCP 012 ( Once again, might be false information, but I do believe handguns can spawn instead of a keycard in 012).

Medkit and flashlight can be found in 372’s cell room.

Escaping Light Containment

It is possible to escape Light Containment as D-class even without guns and keycards. I shall now reveal to you the wonderful strategy of checkpoint juking (which won most of my D-class games).

The Checkpoint JUKE

Once you navigate through the light containment and find either Checkpoint A or B. Hide yourself in the corner (not the one with the window, the one across it) of the Checkpoint.

The idea is to make either NTF, Security guards and even SCPs unlock the door for you without the general need of using a keycard. This requires a lot of patience since you’ll reach checkpoint A before Facility guards or SCPs.

Once they DO open the checkpoint doors, you will hear a very loud noticeable sound. The trick is to wait for the SCPs or facility guards to whizz past you as you silenty walk past to the checkpoint door. Feel free to make a run for it, the sound of your footsteps becomes a lot less noticeable with the sounds of the checkpoint opening and closing.

Timing on this is easy, just don’t mess it up; you don’t get any second chances.

Heavy Containment

Escaping Heavy Containment

In Heavy Containment. Most of the loot here is completely not important for further survival.
With that said, there are still some interest points that can help you in your travels:

Alpha war-head nuke room/elevator

This elevator leads to the war-head switch, you can either play some dirty tricks on Chaos or NTF if you have a feeling you’ve over-stayed in heavy containment to the point where 05 keycards have become available to NTF or Chaos (mostly from dead scientists).

If you DO have a suitable keycard, you can get an NTF assault weapon which can improve your odds of surviving (I guess).

Tips and tricks

There’s nothing much to heavy containment. It’s got plenty the of same-old, same-old plain rooms that can help you juke SCPs (making SCP 106, SCP 173 and dogs a breeze to get away from). Be wary of NTF and security guards – as most of them do not take kindly to D-class and will shoot you for obvious reasons. Pray to god himself that you don’t get caught by facility guards or else you might as well kiss your♥♥♥♥♥goodbye from ever escaping the facility.

Entrance Zone

So close yet so far…

Escaping Entrance Zone

Possibly the hardest thing for any D-class to pull of is to escape to surface. The entrance zone is the home of Chaos and NTF; making it purely luck that will get you out of this area. It is prefered that you find a T4 card before reaching entrance zone so you can open Gate A or Gate B.

However, there is still hope for finding T4 cards in Entrance zone.

Searching lockers

There are plenty of locker rooms in enterance zone here. If you’re lucky enough, facility guards PROBABLY didn’t loot them. Locker rooms contain: Tier 4 cards, radios, grenades and handguns. Use T4 to open gates leading to the surface (unless facility guards, chaos and/or NTF forgot to close them, which in this case you can just skip this step). If you do run into NTF, it is advised to close doors and run as your chances of getting away from them are incredibly small.

Consider yourself lucky if you do manage to escape and/or bypass NTF.

If the game was stretched out, chances are surface and heavy containment are swarming with SCPs, NTF and Chaos. 

Good luck.

General D-class tips:

Do NOT team up with scientists

Scientists are not your ally, if you end up following them into 914. The game WILL get stretched out, resulting in your odds of escaping incredibly slim. If scientists were to find the keycards and/or weapons before you; then you should consider yourself at a serious disadvantage here.

Seriously, to win as D-class, just stay away from scientists.

Do NOT blindlessly run around light containment

Navigate through light containment using signs (some one already made a guide on this, it’s very popular and I would advise you to check it out for additional information regarding game mechanics), make sure you’re aware of your KEY interest areas. FIND those items and get out of light ASAP.

The longer the game, the smaller your chances of winning

Do not let games stretch out as D-class. If you do, the facility will be swarming with SCPs and NTF, from heavy containment all the way to the surface. The idea is to make your escape as soon as possible while the security still remains some-what small

Mic spam

Vikings and knights had battle cries, japanese samurai weeaboos had man baby shrieks of a desert rain frogs. D-class has the power to spam earape to improve morale to his fellow D-class – and into provoke fear to his enemies.

Usually you can find a few notable examples:

  • Ievan Polkka
  • Noma – Brain Power
  • Literally any touhou TF2 song ever
  • Basshunter – Dota
  • Gachigasm
  • Ponf Ponf
  • Pom Pom
  • USSR and Nazi Germany Anthems (not like that’s overused or unoriginal or just plain edgy in away way, HAhaaa /s)

I can go on with the list, but you get the idea. The idea is to tilt your enemies and enlighten your allies.

The Religion of D-class

D-class do not believe in any false gods or prophets, instead, they believe in something else…

Praising Peanut.

It is often believed that peanut should be treated with respect and care. If you are able to befriend this holy creature – then you are able to witness the full potential of having a guardian angle snap the necks of your foes. Not only does this help you, but it also helps your God survive throughout the game.

Believe in peanut if he was to give you hope.
Show the peanut if you wish to be enlightened.
Understand that peanut is within us all to see.
Till we shed a tear for peanut has long missed.

P.S. find the holy flashling to shine the path to all your fellow d-class.

peanut is kinda a stale meme at this point, please don’t sue me


This is the ending of SCP: Secret Laboratory – Escape as D-Class guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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