ScourgeBringer How to Fix Game Crashes

ScourgeBringer game guide focuses on how to fix some crashes like launching crash, “game won’t run”. The guide will give you basic tips on how to find save game file location for ScourgeBringer game.

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How to Fix Game Crashes

There are a few reasons which could make the game unable to run. Here are the ones we are aware of, solutions to these problems and/or the current state of their resolution.

Important: if you would like to report an unreferenced issue, please be sure that your computer meets the hardware & software requirements (see the store page on Steam) and that your operating system is up-to-date.

If your game can’t start and your problem is unreferenced, please verify if the crash.log file exists and post its contents here. This file can be found in the following directory:

  • Windows: “%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Flying Oak Games/ScourgeBringer”
  • OS X: “~/Library/Application Support/Flying Oak Games/ScourgerBringer”
  • Linux: “~/.scourgebringer”

If there is no crash.log file, it means that the issue likely doesn’t come from the game.

Table of content:

  1. Game won’t run if the Avast or AVG anti-virus software is installed & enabled [Windows Only]
  2. Game won’t run and a message is asking you to update your graphics card driver
  3. Game won’t run on computer with both an Intel AND another graphics card

1. Game won’t run if the Avast or AVG anti-virus software is installed & enabled [Windows Only]

Typical symptom:

Game launches, but nothing happens and Steam thinks the game is launched (or instantly closes) and there is no crash.log file.


On very rare occasions, our games (which all run on the same custom engine) are getting reports that the game doesn’t start anymore and that Steam thinks that the game is already running if you attempt to launch it again (or it simply closes right on launch without any message or crash.log file being created).

This is a problem related to the Avast and AVG anti-virus software which was introduced by Avast (who also owns AVG) in one of its updates and may not have been fixed yet. This problem may affect several other games and software built with the same technology as the one we’re using (we’re not using Unity, but we’ve heard of some Unity games being affected too).

Temporary solution:

There are a few different solutions (ordered from safest to the least safe):

  1. Change your anti-virus software (strongly recommended);
  2. Whitelist the game in Menu -> Settings -> General -> Exceptions, and add the directory where the game is installed to the list (mildly recommended);
  3. Deactivate “CyberCapture” option in Menu -> Settings -> Protection -> Core Shields (not recommended).

If really needed, deactivating Avast/AVG should work (but sometimes it requires a full uninstall), but this is highly not advisable and would put your computer at risk.

Fix state:

Won’t be fixed, this is an issue from Avast and AVG, not from our games.

Please read if you care about your own security.

We’ve been trying to talk to Avast (who also owns AVG) about this issue for quite some time now (years!), and it turns out they are not really caring about it (and even ask us to pay to whitelist our game).

If you come up with the idea to switch to a different anti-virus software, we’d like to suggest NOD32 or Windows Defender (the latter is free, included with Windows, fast, and very secured).

2. Game won’t run and a message is asking you to update your graphics card driver

Typical symptom:

Game won’t run and a message box appears with a message asking to update your graphics card driver or that it doesn’t meet the OpenGL 3.0 requirement (this requirement is exposed on the store page on Steam).


Your graphics card driver is not up-to-date, and/or your graphics card does not meet the requirements to run the game (an OpenGL 3.0 compliant graphics cards AND driver are required).

If you have an AMD or NVidia graphics card, there is no reason the game doesn’t work and a driver update should do it.

If you’re on a Intel integrated graphics, chances are that you’ll be out of luck, and that there is no solution if updating the driver doesn’t work.

For more info, please refer to the dedicated compatibility thread:


Updating your graphics card drivers to their latest version.

If it doesn’t work, the only solution is to upgrade your graphics card by getting a new one.

Fix state:

None, it’s not an issue.

3. Game won’t run on computer with both an Intel AND another graphics card

Typical symptom:

The game doesn’t start and there is no crash.log file.


Your computer is likely trying to run the game on your Intel integrated graphics while not being compatible, instead of using your dedicated NVidia or AMD graphics card.

Solution A (recommended):

Force the game to run on your NVidia or AMD graphics card.

On NVidia:

  • Launch the “NVidia Control Panel”
  • Go to “3D Settings”
  • Go to “Manage 3D settings”
  • Go to “Program Settings”
  • Select (or add) ScourgeBringer.exe
  • On “Select the preferred graphics processor”, select your NVidia graphics card


  • Launch the “AMD Catalyst Control Center”
  • Go to “Power”
  • Go to “Switchable application graphics settings”
  • Select “Add Application” and add ScourgeBringer.exe
  • Now select ScourgeBringer.exe in the dropdown menu next to it
  • Select “High performance”

Solution B:

Check if your Intel integrated graphics is compatible.

If it’s not compatible, check Solution A.

If it’s compatible but not working, update your Intel drivers:

This is the ending of ScourgeBringer How to Fix Game Crashes guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun

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