Sakura Swim Club – Ending Guide

This guide will help you get to the ending with the most CG possible.


1)Hurry up
3)Why is it abandoned?
5)Why are you discouraging me?
6)You look worried.
7)Take a steadier pace.
8)Keep asking her questions.
9)I have no doubt.
10)Tarot cards.
11)It’s fine, really.
12)It’s worth a shot.
13)I don’t remember.
14)What was it like in middle school?
15)I should worry.
16)Say something.
17)Alright, alright.
18)It’ll be fine.
19)But it was fun.
20)Take a deep breath.
21)Yes. I did.

Other Choices

1)Take your time.
2)Just nod and agree.
3)Ask around about it.
4)Can we pretend that didn’t happen?
5)No other clubs interested me.
6)Why hasn’t anyone told me what happened?
7)Keep going.
8)Don’t interrogate her.
9)We’ll see.
10)Video games.
11)I don’t think I can say no.
12)Not again!
13)It’s nothing.
14)What was it like last year?
15)If you say so…
16)Stay out of it.
17)Five more minutes.
18)Not much I can do about it now.
19)I’ll have to do it next year too.
20)Just ignore it.
21)See what?

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