S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat – 3 Ways How to Get Slavic Girlfriend

First Method

You creep on them real slow. Like a hippie drinking eco-friendly vodka by the fire. Throw a screw next to them to distract them. Then, pull out your knife and stab them right in the spinal cord to paralyze them to the waist down. Now that their weak, drag them to a dark corner. Somewhere out of plain site. Once you find a safe place, chop off their limbs and tie them to your back so you can carry them home. The rest is up to you.

Second Method

You get a Volkswagen Golf. A black one and you put white Adidas pinstripe on it with electric tape. Then you drive around town blasting hardbass. It will make all the Gopnitsa wet. When you step out in your tracksuit. Whip out your vodka, Stolichnaya is premium and recommended for best effect. Soon, you will be smothered in pussay.

Third Method

Trade/Buy a woman

If you have good speech and trading skills, you just can trade/buy a woman from her family.

For a couple of beers, shashlyks, and some vodka you should have more than enough

value/goods to exchange for a Slavic woman.

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Written by Bolek SSG

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