Rush – Guide to Find Hidden Levels

Hidden Levels

You have to finish all Easy, Medium and Hard levels before the 5 hidden levels show up. After finishing the last level, the game will give you a notification that you can now go look for “the final five”. If you then go back to the menu you will find five new tiny floating “rocks” on several menu screens. Just click them and the corresponding level starts.

unnamed level (presumably “one”)

Bottom mid-left of the main menu.


Bottom left of the Easy level menu.


Bottom left of the Tutorial level menu.


Top right of the Medium level menu.


Bottom right of the Hard level menu.

Solar Flare

The “solar flare” level is unlocked after beating the tutorial. It requires you to click a very specific tiny area on the main menu’s sun. There are two ways of spotting the level button: If you mouse-over a button your cursor cross-hair turns a lighter shade and an electronic “tick” sound-cue plays (turning off the music makes this easier).

If you click the center of the sun you get a pop-up message. But if you start at the bottom middle of the screen and drag the mouse upwards slowly, you’ll notice that you hear two “ticks” once you get close to the center. That means you’ve just passed over the tiny sliver of a button that gets you to “solar flare”. Slowly move down again until you hear the sound and click.

The yellow square shows you roughly where the button for the text box is. The small green rectangle below it is the location of the “solar flare” button.

Note: You can access “solar flare” year round. Some people believe you can only do it in December (like the Christmas levels), but this is false.

Christmas Levels

8 different regular levels have a random chance to turn into Christmas levels, as long as your system date is currently in December. If it doesn’t happen to be December, you can either wait until it is or simply set your date to December before starting the game via the clock in the bottom right of your Windows task bar. If you launch the game and Santa is flying around the sun on a sleigh you know it worked.

Now 8 specific levels have a random chance to become “frost-touched”, i.e. marked with a snowflake (see image). If you click such a level, you get a variation of the base level with wrapped presents instead of cubes and a different goal.

The levels that are eligible (and required for the achievement) are “twister”, “castle tower” and “assemblyline” in the Easy category, “stop drop roll”, “sponge”, “amazing” and “even more amazing” in the Medium category and “clover sponge” in the Hard category:

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