Rogue Reaper – Achievements Guide

Need help with getting all of the achievements? This guide is for you!


Who’s the reaper now?! – Unmissable, unlocks upon first starting a new game.

Take that, Plague! – Unmissable, unlocks upon defeating the boss. If you are not sure what you need to do to defeat it, you need to throw boxes at it to get its armor down, hit the part of its body with a glowing red circle on it, and then dash to the edges so you won’t fall when it stomps. Be sure to avoid the black clouds that surround it and that it spawns on the ground as well, also marked with a glowing red circle before they spawn.

Gotta hold ’em all – Pretty straightforward, upgrade your telekinesis so you can grab enemies and then grab all types at least once (press E while close to them). I’m pretty sure it unlocks after grabbing a rat and a wolf, since I don’t think I managed to grab any plague birds and i still unlocked it.

Reaper’s student – Pretty hard to miss. You just need to kill 10 enemies, I got this on my first playthrough. Stealth kills count for those, so if you prefer to not fight enemies head-on and also want to get the achievements quicker, keep that in mind.

Future Reaper – For this one you probably need more than one playthrough, as I’m not sure there are even 50 enemies to kill in the game. Loading your last save after finishing the game works too if you prefer it.

Master Reaper – See above. Just keep grinding kills until you get 100 and it will pop up, it shouldn’t take too long.

Who needs a hidden blade?! – Pretty hard to miss. You only need 1 stealth kill for this one (pressing R behind an enemy while they are unaware of you).

Stealth enthousiast – Again, pretty easy to do in one playthrough if youre careful. Just need to get 5 stealth kills, and if you can’t manage it you could just start 4 more new games and get it with the tutorial.

Master Assassin – See above. Keep on stealth killing until you get 10 and it will pop up.

I’m the true master of death! – Complete the whole game without dying. Easier than it sounds, if you’re careful. Using speedrun strats also makes this a bit easier, as going fast + avoiding enemies = not getting hit 😛 This achievement was bugged on release and you couldn’t obtain it, but it was fixed in a recent patch. Thanks devs!

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