Rogue Empire – The Mage Class Guide

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain The Mage Class Guide in Rogue Empire game. This is a walkthrough guide. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

For the moment you have 5 classes: Warrior, Assassin, Hunter, Druid and Mage. Each class will not play the same when you roll it thought, mainly because of the card ability shuffle system.

Mages have a unique link to the arcane world. They are however very frail because of this. A mage wields powerful spells to bring down their foes or change reality when needed! Main characteristics of the classes are that can learn powerful spells and are very frail.

Rogue Empire – The Mage Class Guide

The Mage is the only class capable of killing a boss in a single turn & dying to a rat at the same time.

If you have 0 mana, you can not attack with your staff & obviously can’t use spells.
Most offensive spells cost around 10 mana, so you can burn thru your mana super fast.
The mage can be super powerful, but also super weak.


Human: Starting Spell – Fire Flare
The human is your #1 all round choice for a mage. Not only do they get +2 to all the stats you need & then some. They get an additional ability cards every 5 levels. This can really increase your growth rate, especially for a mage as you can learn/upgrade spells much sooner.
The human also has no penalties, making it even more of a good choice.

Vinscian: Starting Spell – Lightning Shock
The Vinscian make for extremely fast & perceptive mages. Normally you wont be able to increase your speed until level 20 onwards. The Vinscian however starts with a natural speed boost of 12%.
This means that any action is cost 12% less energy. A normal move action cost 1000 energy, but for the Vinscian it is only 880. This means that every 9 or so actions you get a free action. Might not seem like much, but when you have the energy bar enabled, you will see it comes up often. The addional stats are also not to be overlooked as they compliment the speed this race gets to further enhace it. This race also has no penalties, only making it even stronger.

Elf: Starting Spells – Water Splash, Astral Connection
In a test of power nothing can beat an elf mage. The elf enhances everything that defines the mage, both strengths & weaknesses. Having a % increase to inteligence means that it will always be easier to learn spells & you will always have more mana that other races. Having the increased perception means you can actually see & kill your taret before it gets a chance to do anything.
The downside to all this power is that you are even more frail than any other mage would otherwise be. due to how frail this actually makes the mage, elf is only my 3rd recomended choice.

Otwok: Starting Spell – Water Splash
The Otwok is a tacticians dream.
Not only do you never need to worry about poison & almost never need to worry about food or ranged attacks. The Otwok gets a large increase to constitution, spellpower & inteligence. It may come at the cost of agility, but that shouldnt bother you at the start & you will be aiming to counter that anyway. The Otwok’s potential is best seen on harder difficulties however & you do need to be mindful fire elements late game. (please do not face check barrels)

Troll: Starting Spell – Water Splash
If you keep dying as a mage, try this.
The only real negative that effects a troll mage is the -2 for Inteligence & perception. This might seem like a big negative at first but the -2 inteligence & perception can actually be gained back on your first level. So now you have a mage with serious health per level & you regenerate health 50% faster too.

Dwarf: Starting Spell – Lightning Shock
Dwarf’s are very hardy & make for great tanks. That doesnt mean you can’t play them as mages tho.
A dwarf mage is actually pretty good, getting increased strength & constitution with no negatives.
So you can either carry more wands or wear proper armour. This goes great with the dwarf’s damage reduction, turning a normally frail mage into a stout death machine.

Naga: Starting Spell – Fire Flare
The Naga are the easiest race to one shot enemies with.
However due to the Fish Mage, you may have a hard time playing as a Naga.
If you can survive long enough to see the Fish Mage before it sees you, then you just might be able to increase your crit chance enough that your almost always getting a critical cast.


Certain Stats are more important than others depending on the class your playing.
The Main stats for a Mage are Inteligence, Spell Power, Fate, Perception & Speed.

Intelligence: (needed for learning spells)
inteligence affects mana per level, mana regen, magic resistance, spell learning & discovering secrets/ traps.

Fate: (needed for spell crit & helps a lot with everything else)
Fate has a small effect on everything in the game.
Take the time to glance over your stats and read just how many things fate actually effects. You may be suppised by how powerful this stat actually is & that is only the things you can see it does. Fate also influences the rareity of stats you get on a level up. It increases the item quality & drop rate. Shops have better quality items to sell more often. Needless to say, this is the most powerful stat in the game.

Spell Power: (needed for mana & spell amplification)
Spell power effects mana per level & the power of spell effects
Dont think that rushing this will get you insane returns on your spells. The main use for this is to increase your mana.
Spell power will increase your spells damage output & effects, however as ther are abilities that amplify these effects you need A LOT of spell power to have the desired effect. Combine spell power with high level spells & aplification & you get some serious high dmg.

Perception: (can’t kill what you can’t see)
If you hate the Fish Mage or the Elf Archer well they have one major thing in common, good line of sight.
Perception effects your line of sight, crit damage, crit chance & evasion.
As your spells level up, they will be able to hit distances only limited by your sight.

Agility: (You only really want the Speed & Dodge)
Speed is the ammount of energy a chracter recovers after each action, Speed is mainly influenced by Agility & Hunger levels. Most actions cost around 1,000 including movement, so 1 turn is considered 1000 energy.

Constitution: (if your dead your dead)
Constitution increases your Health per level so if you can’t find a Water shield or Aegis scroll then you might want to think about putting a few points in here. If your are worried or dont know how to find those scrolls, then maybe put a couple of points in here while your low level as it will have the biggest impact.

Strength: (being overweight is going to kill you)
Being overweight means you generate significantly less energy, thus any enemies that seemed weak previously are now a lot stronger. Strength isnt really a good stat to put into because of this. If ther are no other stats to choose from, then this is better than choosing an easily obtainable like Gold.

Depending on your situation it can be worth choosing what i consider “Easy to Obtain” items such as Rations, Potions or even Gold to help you survive the dungeon.
These items can be crafted by the mage & gold come to the mage very easy.
However such situations will arrise when you need a potion or rations to stay alive. Or you might get lucky and the gold you needed for that item the merchant had just happend to come to you.


Will be updated


Will be updated

When to Learn Spells

Books: Base learning rate = 100
Books are great for learning your first spell but are not worth buying unless you really need that spell.
Never learn from a Spell Book unless it is 100%

Wands: Base learning rate = 50
Wands are a great way to upgrade your spells easily, but are heavy so be careful if you hored them early.
Try not to use them unless above 70% or you have the Gold to waste or low % chances

Scrolls: Base learning rate = 0
Scrolls are a really cheap option to learning spells. You can hored them without having to worry about weight. Since they are so cheap they make for a great way to upgrade your spells.

Failing to learn:
The main reason you want to wait for a decent % isnt only so you dont waste valuable spell upgrades but also because when you fail to learn a spell you can possibly loose stats, Items, or find yourself surounded by hostile summons.


Anytime you want to use teleport to escape a bad situation, remember that weather you are using an item or casting a spell it requires Energy.
The spell will not activate on you until after everything else has occured during this time.
This means that monsters can attack you, some may even attack you multiple times.

If bad situation is with multiple monsters, expect them all to attack you atleast once.

However in a boss encounter or trying to escape a strong monster, consider targeting the enemy instead.
By targeting the enemy with teleport the effect will will trigger right away as the game considers that to be the enemies action.

Line em Up & Conserve mana

You need to be using both your spells range & your staffs range to advantage.

When there is only 1 creature & you know it is not faster than you or ranged, use your Staff to kill it & conserve your mana.

When 2 creatures approach, it is always best to use your magic over taking a chance of kiting with your staff. (unless you have staff upgrades)
Just try to hit them both with the same spell if you can, to save mana.

If 3 or more creature approach. They are almost certainly not in a line you can hit with a single spell. So it is best to move back a couple of spaces so you can line them up.

Always linning up your targets will ensure that you always have much more mana.
This way you will have more mana for those tricky situations & will actually still have potions left.

Later on, you wont need to worry about yourt mana much & you will be able to use it on everything you see every turn.
Getting to that point however requires not dying.

Zero Mana Backup

As you progress you will rely more & more on your mana. This becomes especially true once you learn Water Shield.
Unless your a Vinscian you will have problems trying to run away from enemies & if your carrying too much you simply can’t run.

Speed Ring:
Speed rings are your best friend. They increase your speed effectivly giving you a 2nd or even 3rd action per turn.

Wands are great for learning spells, but don’t forget that they also don’t require mana to use.
Holding onto say a teleport wand could be the difference between life or death for your character.

Secondary Weapon:
Having a secondary weapon that does not use mana can really be useful. A simple dagger could save your life. You might even encounter an artifact to use.

This is the ending Rogue Empire – The Mage Class Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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