Rogue Empire – How to Stay Alive in Challenge Dungeon (Walkthrough)

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How to Stay Alive in Challenge Dungeon (Walkthrough)

Rogue Empire is a tactical turn-based RPG with randomly generated content and heavy Rogue-like elements. Choose one of the multiple character combinations and advance it with unique abilities! Embark on a quest to heal the 5 kingdoms and understand the mysteries of the First Shadow!

This is a brief walkthrough guide on How to Stay Alive in the Challenge Dungeon (Hard Difficulty).

How to not die Immediately… sometimes.

If you don’t want mage spell and tactic spoilers, do not read this lol…

I will add to this guide more in the next couple days and try to spruce it up a bit, but we spent an hour making this post in discussions and decided just to make a permanent copy of it here.

I’ve had a few successful mages runs on hard difficulty, including the second highest Challenge Dungeon score, and using this system we have been able to get to mid or late game almost every time (assuming we don’t die in the first 3 floors of the challenge dungeon).

Rest whenever you run low on mana, and always keep the best melee or ranged weapon you find as a backup. Keep a Pickaxe in your inventory whenever possible. If you make a hole in the wall, in an L shape, so that enemies cannot see you while you rest, you will most likely be able to rest in peace if a closed room is not available.

To make constant resting possible, buy all the food you can from merchants early on. This is only needed for a few levels, as soon you will have the create food spell, and you can rest as much as you like. The upside of resting a lot is that the more time you pass, the closer you will get to the Healthy and Very Healthy bonus, which will give you +15% and +30% spell learning, which is very important. If you see a create food wand in the merchant’s inventory, this is the most important thing to acquire for your young mage, IMO, as it allows infinite resting. One level of the spell learning perk is also very helpful in this endeavour.

Buy all of the mana (always) and health (early on) potions you can afford. AND USE THEM. No point in hoarding potions and dying before your time. The one caveat to this advice is to keep at least 1000 coins around (early on, and exponentially more as you progress) to purchase crucial spells that you don’t want to miss.

Always try and back your way into a defensive position where only one enemy can attack you at once. You can use a pickaxe as mentioned previously, to create these scenarios. The Twister spell can get a nasty enemy up and out of your grill, and allow you time to retreat to a good spot.

Always keep any gear that is lightweight, and has Intelligence buffs on it, ie; robes, sandals, leather bracers, cloth hoods, etc. Equip this gear, along with an intelligence & fate potion, before a spell learning session, and then re-equip your combat gear afterwards.

Speed affects the action economy, which is a crucial aspect of any roguelike. The more Agility, the better, which will be augmented by any items of speed you attain. Acting before your enemies are obviously crucial, especially in the challenge dungeon, where your enemies are potentially getting faster with every descending level. In regard to level up choices, Agility increases come only behind Int, SP, and Fate. In late game scenarios (level 20+) we will only choose Spell Power before Agility upon level up.

I won’t cover races further in this guide, as there are advantages and flavour to each choice. Plants (Never hungry) and Dwarves (Minimal damage shrug Masters) are great for newbs, Elves should be saved for more experienced players, but have the highest Water Shield buff potential, and Trolls can really stay alive and kicking early on (until Water shield renders their health bonus useless). Naga is deadly crit monkeys, yet vulnerable to one of the most common damage types in the game. But IMO, Humans, for the extra perks, and the kitty folk for their increased speed, are the Kings of Mage hill.


Early on, there are several spells that are crucial…

-Holy bolt is an extremely mana efficient way to deal with undead.

-Water splash is very helpful with enemies that attack fast and aggressively, like panthers, or tigers.

-A fireball is an incredible tool for dealing with groups.

-The lightning bolt is one of the best single target damage spells you can get, respective to other spells at equivalent levels.

-Wind shield can seriously nerf range attacking enemies, for only 2 reserved arcane thread points.

-Unlock: Even 1 level of Unlock, will allow you to sell all keys you find, which will help fund all the scrolls, wands and books you are going to need to buy to enhance your spell-slinging.

-Frost Bolt & Shattering Bolt: Frost Bolt can be hard to find early, but when you find it, buy it…. seriously it is vital. One level of frost bolt allows you to freeze an enemy, followed by a Shattering Bolt, to cause pretty much the highest damage possible to almost all enemies in the game.

-Divine Aegis is a great tool to allow you to deflect all damage from a few enemy attacks that catch you off guard, while you establish a game plan. Cast this always, before and after resting.

-The Teleport spell is absolutely vital. The moment you see a group of enemies you know you cant handle, cast it… and cast it again until you find a more suitable/defensive position. we always learn the Teleport spell, buy every teleport scroll we find, and try and find the teleport wand that has the most mana reserve available. This is what we use almost all my mana recharge stones on. Using a wand or scrolls to teleport, will get you out of really nasty situations, without depleting your mana, that you will need to fight the enemies in the zone you decide to stop in.

-The regen health spell is nice, and we use it at the beginning of long battles sometimes and after a tough combat a lot of times, but you’re often better off using health potions, as it requires 4 arcane threads to use.

There are many more useful spells, and I’m not looking at my spell book while we type this, but the aforementioned spells are definitely pivotal in keeping any mage alive.

Arcane Surge and why it’s the best

The Arcane Surge perk, and its higher level versions, is incredibly useful. At first glance, 100% increased spell power influence with a 10 turn cooldown does not seem that useful.


You can activate this ability right before casting a buff spell, such as Bark Skin, Wind Shield, Divine Aegis or Mana Shield, and the newly buffed spell power will remain intact for the duration of the buff. Using a Spellpower potion before buffing, will also greatly impact the power of your buffs, and if possible, you can keep spell power gear on the side, like we had mentioned previously with Intelligence gear. But most the time, you will want to be wearing spell power gear anyway.

As a bonus, this following combo will even one shot most bosses if you have a decent level of shattering bolt… Cast Frost Bolt at the enemy, activate Arcane Surge, Cast Shattering Bolt… best thing ever.

Spells 2.0

Later on, Summon Elementals, Water Shield, and Clear Path will be your best and most pivotal spells.

-You can use Summon Elementals (Or Undead, or even Animals if it’s the best you have) when you first enter a new floor. This will stop you from getting ganked right out the gate or surrounded. It is also VERY useful against enemies will Divine Shield buffs. The pets will attack the target over and over, taking down the shield, so you can focus on the damage. You can activate Arcane Surge, just before casting, to create an especially staunch group of allies.

-Water Shield is THE most important spell to a late game mage. Buy every version of this spell you can, and use Arcane Surge, SP potions, and even the Legendary staff’s ability to get the buff as powerful as possible. On my Mage who made it to floor 40 of the hard challenge dungeon, we had achieved a ratio of 1 mana used for every 12 points of health damage taken. This made my effective Health pool over 6,000 with that particular mage.

Obviously, once you get to a stage where you are using Water Shield effectively, you will want to buy every mana potion you see. Regardless, you should be buying every mana potion you see as soon as it is financially feasible.

-Clear Path should be called a gold digger. This spell, once you find it, will drastically increase your gold income, as you can literally destroy every solid tile on a map. Under all those walls and gates on each floor are potentially thousands of gold coins worth of random gear, as well as ability potions and high-end gear. Sell what you don’t need to fuel your burgeoning magical monster.

In my experience, I’ve found this spell in a Merchant’s inventory as early as floor 8. It may be worth it to camp the 8th floor for as many merchants’s as it takes to find the spell, so that you can clear as many paths as possible, thereby maximizing your loot and spell accrual… but that might be an overly power-gamey notion, and definitely beyond my level of patience.

Other Useful Perks

Here are some useful perks, not named Arcane Surge…

Mana Compression: You will want this perk with any Mage approach, as it increases your total mana pool by +25%, +45%, and +100% at its respective levels, and is especially important for increasing your total effective “health pool” while using the Water Shield buff, and still having the ability to afford to cast your spells.

Enhanced Arcane Weave: You need an arcane thread to maintain your buffs and cast any spells. This buff adds +2, +3 & +5, respectively, to your total Arcane Threads, allowing you to maintain Water Shield, Bark Skin, and Wind Shield (6 total AC’s reserved) and still actually defend yourself with spells.

Staff Damage Enchantments: This perk simply returns the mana you spend on a staff shot to your mana pool, as well as drastically increasing staff damage, which actually makes it a useful combat tool. Staff Range Enchantments is not useless, but hardly a requirement IMO. The only scenario where the staff range perk really comes to shine, is when coupled with the damage perk, and on a floor where mana does not regenerate. This perk combo gives you the ability to actually regen mana by using your staff. Not really relevant though if you have an ample supply of mana potions… buy mana potions.

Heavy Lifter: Increases your carry capacity, and increases the weight you can equip before impacting your mana regeneration rate. We like to keep a complete set of intelligence gear, tons of wands and books I’m not ready to use yet, and massive amounts of potions on my mage, always. we also like to be able to loot. Also, you want the ability to put on that ridiculously heavy shadowsteel armour with +12 Int and +20 Spell Power that you just found, and not have your Mana Regen nerfed massively. This perk is awesome.

Thorough Corpse Looter: When playing the Challenge dungeon you will randomly get reduced loot multiple times as a penalty for descending. This helps offset that penalty as well as truly coming into its own, once you have the clear path spell, and start reaping the perk’s true value.

Quicken Spell: This ability has many uses, and allows you to get off spells without time passing, which makes very fast enemies much easier to deal with. It also has synergy with one spell combo that completely changes the combo’s effectiveness. Using Quicken spell, followed by Frost Bolt, freezes an enemy without passing time, which allows you to Shattering Bolt (preferably preceded by Arcane Surge) and take advantage of the huge frozen damage multiplier. This reduces the damage that Summoners, fast creatures, and Champions, can do over the 2 turns this combo usually requires.

Advanced tactic for dealing with groups of enemies: As you learn the game, you will notice certain groupings of enemies, that will allow you to destroy groups of enemies in one combo. Use Quicken Spell, followed by Frost Nova, to freeze all nearby enemies and locking them into their current advantageous position. Now use Arcane Surge, followed by Fireball, Chain Lightning or any “ray spell”, depending upon enemy formation, to wipe several targets in one turn. Anything that survives is still frozen (assuming they did not resist the freeze) and can be picked off with Shattering Bolt, or another casting of the aforementioned spells.

Honourable mention to the Jump Over Perk: we don’t usually take this perk until late in the game. It is not often useful, but when it is, it can be utterly game-changing. Jumping to the outside of a pinned combat scenario, for instance against Harpies, or Shadow Assassins, followed by a Lightning Shock, or Fire Flare, can help escape situations where more damage is coming in than you can deal with. It also has random positional uses that can be potentially life-saving.

This is the ending of Rogue Empire – How to Stay Alive in Challenge Dungeon (Walkthrough) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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