Risk of Rain 2 Unlock REX (Tips & Tricks)

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Review about REX

Rex is pretty neat. A very cool concept.

You may think it is really slow and can’t dodge anything without movement items. But it can actually. If you jump and hit shift, it launches him backwards fairly far quickly.

After playing some with him, you may really like him. A slow and somewhat immobile(better than the Artifacer or Engineer, but not on Commando or Huntress level) support/DPS unit.

His seed bomb has insane range and solid damage for it’s cost, his shift ability can both defend by pushing away enemies or launching himself away, or attack by knocking enemies off the map or launching flying enemies into walls.

R ability is great. His R ability has infinite range and turns everything inside the radius into free targets for the seed bomb.

Toss it down in a crowd, they all get pulled in, mortar spam them all to death while the life drain keeps you at high HP.


You can use him as a main unit, setting up flowers to trap, and then seed bomb groups of enemies.

Or you can aim for flowers and shift waves to weaken enemies for your allies to clean up.

With “Ctrl“, it pushes you back when midair, it give the enemies the weak effect and it disable some of attack animation like golem’s laser.

and “Shift“, for movespeed.

Attack speed is a bit low, so you need to aim well, damage is good on M1, M2 can one-shot beetles and Lemurians, the blast wave is great for pushing back imps and other enemies, and the damage for knocking flying enemies into walls is amazing, though difficult to pull off. You can also use it for knocking enemies off the map.

So long as you are able to keep your distance well, know how to avoid enemies, and not play recklessly, you have an extremely solid character, but I also dont think he is as broken as launch day Enginner with Fungi was.

How to Unlock REX (Tips & Tricks)

Fuel Array

The first step is to take the Fuel Array located at the back of the drop pod that you land inside of. It’s got a highlighted square that you can interact with displaying the Fuel Array. This will take an equipment slot and causes you to explode if you take to high a damage percentage or get to low on health.

Finding Rex.

You are able to find REX on the upper levels of the Abyssal Depths (Zone 4).

You will have to take the jump pads to the upper level and then you will find a robot covered in overgrowth. If you have the Fuel Array you are able to interact with him. This will unlock the achievement and make him a playable Survivor.

Video Guide

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