Risk of Rain 2 – the Teleporter Guide

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It might consider SPOILER for YOU, YOU HAVE to BE WARNED.

Since Risk of Rain 2 is work in progress, consider it will update often.

If you wonder what’s this item do, there is an excellent guide

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Risk of Rain 2 – the Teleporter Guide

The Teleporter

That black thing with the spires coming out of the side that you have to find each level. Sometimes, frustratingly elusive. But it’s always there, waiting for you to find it. It yearns for your gentle touch, so it can spawn bosses to smash you for violating it. If you activated one or more Shrines of the Mountain beforehand, prepare for additional fun.

The teleporter is your primary objective in every stage. It is a black platform with two curved spikes coming out of either side of the edge of its base. In the center is a pedestal. When activated, the teleporter creates a red bubble around itself, which I will ballpark is approximately 50 meters in radius.

At least one player must stay inside this bubble, or else the teleporter will not charge (and thus enemies will continue to spawn). Once this bubble is created, all interactables (barring capsule chests) will be locked down with a red cage, forbidding interaction. This prevents unscrupulous players from letting one or two honest, hardworking, devoted survivors fight off the big bad while he helps himself to the rest of the items on the map. Once the bosses are defeated and the teleporter fully charged, the interactables will be released.

The bosses MUST be defeated in order to for the teleporter to fully charge. Boss enemies that must be defeated are indicated by a red arrow when not in direct view, and a red health bar while being observed. The teleporter will charge up to 99% while the boss(es) are still alive, but no further.

Bosses are largely random for each stage, but certain bosses are barred from spawning on certain stages. Once the bosses are defeated, the loot for those bosses will spawn on the teleporter, even if it is not fully charged yet. The number of items generated for loot is equal to the number of players present (times however many Shrines of the Mountain you activated beforehand).

You may notice differently colored orbs rotating around the pedestal of the teleporter. These indicate that a portal of that color will open once the teleporter event is completed. There is no limit to the number of portals, and one portal of one type will not override another type; however the team can still only choose one portal to go through when the time comes.

  • Blue Orb/Portal: A trip through time to a magical wizard salesman
  • Gold Orb/Portal: A trip to the pirate coast of booty
  • Celestial Orb/Portal: Merc; Obliterate urself my man

As far as loot: by default, the teleporter always spawns one item per player in the match. The items spawned will always be of uncommon rarity, and all items will be the same item. Avoid being that guy who vacuums up all of the loot from everyone else.
Occasionally, one or more of the loot items may pass a check and instead become a boss item, if that boss was spawned as a result of teleporter activation (so the Titanic Knurl or the Queens Gland, for the Titan and Queen respectively). This spawn chance appears to be random for each item, so usually it just replaces one of the uncommon items that spawned.

Once you are done with the stage, using the center of the teleporter again begins the teleportation. All remaining cash in each player’s inventory is turned into experience. If killing enemies while cash is draining, that cash is also turned into experience. If you manage to kill an enemy after all cash is drained, you can carry over a small sum of cash to the next level.

 the Teleporter FAQ

  • Is this from Previous Version?

YES, and you must find it.

  • Any difference?

Previously, you may activate it and go somewhere wait till it fully charged.

And you still able to purchase a drone, offer to shrine, or shopping

But now, it will require you in the sphere area where it can be charged.

And you can’t make any purchase, only stick with your current equipment.

  • Where can I found it?

You must find it by yourself.

  • What does it do?

Found it, activate it, do the boss, go to next stage, and so on.

Once you activated the teleporter if you move outside of sphere area.

You can’t make any offer to shrine, buy/loot item from box/barrel, or recover drone.

  • Will unlock other stuff?

First time complete will unlock Advancement (Armor-Piercing Rounds)

Complete the First Stage 5 times will unlock Verified (MUL-T). Click here to see unlock characters guide.

This is the ending of Risk of Rain 2 – the TeleporterGuide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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    You can still buy items or activate either drones or turret but it has to be in the teleporter charge zone.

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