Risk of Rain 2 – Shrine of Woods Guide

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Since Risk of Rain 2 is work in progress (or in Early Access), consider it will update often.

If you wonder what’s this item do, there is an excellent guide

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Risk of Rain 2 – Shrine of Woods Guide

The shrine of laughter and tickles. It only spawns on The Roost (one of the first levels). It costs slightly more than a common chest to activate, and cost modestly increases with each use. Once activate, it creates a zone of healing around itself that heals you and your allies for a small percentage each second. Each activation of the shrine increases the radius (but not the amount healed) of the shrine’s influence.

This shrine can only be activated three times, and can be useful early and mid game if nearby the teleporter or a similar hot area. Unfortunately, its healing is relatively small compared to the amount of healing you could generate with certain item combinations, but it is welcome nonetheless.

  • Is this from the Previous Version?

No, It’s New.

  • Where can I found it?

Currently, Stage 1 – (Name Needed)

  • What does it do?

Create a sphere orb provide HP recover (similar to Bustling Fungus)

  • Will unlock other stuff?

Fully upgrade the shrine by pray to the shrine three times

You’ll unlock “One with the woods”

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