Risk of Rain 2 – Shrine of Combat Guide

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It might consider SPOILER for YOU, YOU HAVE to BE WARNED.

Since Risk of Rain 2 is work in progress (or in Early Access), consider it will update often.

If you wonder what’s this item do, there is an excellent guide

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Risk of Rain 2 – Shrine of Combat

Has a weird looking purple icon above it that looks like a mortar shell pointed downwards, surrounded by wings. The Shrine of Combat costs nothing to activate, and spawns a few slightly-more-difficult-than-the-current-difficulty mobs to fight. There’s really no reward beyond the money you get from killing the spawned mobs for activating this. Late game, this shrine can and will spawn a whole boat load of Overloading Magma Worms specifically engineered for your destruction.

Shrine of Combat Guide FAQ

  • Is this from the Previous Version?

Yes, but with a different concept.

  • Any difference?

Previous is summon 5 Imp, once you kill them all in 20 seconds, an item will drop.

Now will only summon one kind of enemies, no longer drop item.

  • Where can I found it?

Almost any stage.

  • What does it do?

Summon 4 or more one kind of enemies in this level.

Will unlock other stuff? N/A

This is the ending of Risk of Rain 2 – Shrine of Combat Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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