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Since Risk of Rain 2 is work in progress (or in Early Access), consider it will update often.

If you wonder what’s this item do, there is an excellent guide

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Shrine of Blood Guide

The shrine of searing pain and get rich quick schemes. When praying to this shrine, it takes a percentage of your maximum health, and then returns to you gold, proportionate to the amount of health taken. This shrine is great to get some quick cash to open nearby chests, however it can be dangerous if you do not have decent healing items or are under attack.

This shrine can only be used up to three times. The percentage of health taken increases with each use, starting at 50%, then 75%, then 93%. If you do not have more health than the percent needed to activate the shrine, you will not be able to activate it until healed.

For those with very small health pools (i.e people using transcendence, and have only 1 HP), you will find you get literally no money from interacting with these things. Again, the amount of money awarded is proportionate to the amount of health you lost (not the percentage of health, though that is a factor). Characters with more maximum health will get more money.

Shrine of Blood Guide FAQ

  • Is this from Previous Version?


  • Any difference?

No longer drop item, only gold.

  • Where can I found it?

Almost any level

  • What does it do?

Take away of your HP for some gold.

Percentage is 50%,75%,93%

You feel a searing pain. You have gained (some amount of) gold.

  • Will unlock other stuff?


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