Risk of Rain 2 REX Review (Ability, Usage)

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Review about REX

Rex is pretty neat. A very cool concept.

You may think it is really slow and can’t dodge anything without movement items. But it can actually. If you jump and hit shift, it launches him backwards fairly far quickly.

After playing some with him, you may really like him. A slow and somewhat immobile(better than the Artifacer or Engineer, but not on Commando or Huntress level) support/DPS unit.

His seed bomb has insane range and solid damage for it’s cost, his shift ability can both defend by pushing away enemies or launching himself away, or attack by knocking enemies off the map or launching flying enemies into walls.

R ability is great. His R ability has infinite range and turns everything inside the radius into free targets for the seed bomb.

Toss it down in a crowd, they all get pulled in, mortar spam them all to death while the life drain keeps you at high HP.


You can use him as a main unit, setting up flowers to trap, and then seed bomb groups of enemies.

Or you can aim for flowers and shift waves to weaken enemies for your allies to clean up.

With “Ctrl“, it pushes you back when midair, it give the enemies the weak effect and it disable some of attack animation like golem’s laser.

and “Shift“, for movespeed.

Attack speed is a bit low, so you need to aim well, damage is good on M1, M2 can one-shot beetles and Lemurians, the blast wave is great for pushing back imps and other enemies, and the damage for knocking flying enemies into walls is amazing, though difficult to pull off. You can also use it for knocking enemies off the map.

So long as you are able to keep your distance well, know how to avoid enemies, and not play recklessly, you have an extremely solid character, but I also dont think he is as broken as launch day Enginner with Fungi was.

The Basics

I’m gonna be straight about this. I’m 100% positive that Rex’s kit revolves around his Mouse 2. Anyone that played him even once will agree with no argument.

But let’s discuss this skill in detail:

  1. Rex’s M2 strikes for an astounding 450% damage Aoe. It costs 15% CURRENT hp, meaning that if you have 100 hps it will cost 15, if you have 50 it will cost 7,5 and so on.
  2. Despite being called a mortar shot, it’s really not. It’s not blocked by any ceiling, rather, Mouse 2 will just generate an explosion in a designed area after a minor delay.
  3. It can be held in order to aim. Else, the cast is almost instantaneous. I really feel like aiming is unnecessary, if you just tap it on your target it will never miss, since the skill it’s pretty fast when it comes to striking.
  4. It has about 1 sec cooldown, probably a little bit less.
  5. It has no range limit. Meaning that it can be used to snipe across the map.
  6. Rex’s m2 has little to none cast time , and we’ll see what that means in a second.

Now that we understand his M2, we can talk about business.

Mouse 2: Cancels and Interactions.

As i mentioned, Mouse 2 has no noticeable cast time. What that means Is that as long as you press mouse 2 first, you can sequence any skill without any noticeable delay. You can Mouse2 → Mouse1. And you’ll fire the triple shot burst From your mouse 1 along with your mouse 2 mortar shot. You Can Mouse 2 → R, and you’ll fire the two things at the same time, but, note that R is a slow-ish travelling projectile. You can Mouse2 → Shift, in order to stop that stone golem from firing his laser shot at you, or just because you needed that mid-air mobility. Oh, and speaking of that, you can even m2 → jump (duh).

These are all useful, but i’m gonna tell you a big secret. Your Mouse1 fires three shots, with the third one healing you and weakening the target. The problem is, Mouse two is a spammy spell that drains your health quickly, and the healing from mouse 1 is not that great. But i have you covered.

There is a really simple combo to get 2 procs of your healing between your Mortar casts.

It’s as simple as this: Mouse1 → Mouse2 → Mouse1.

What happens is: You shoot your three projectiles, and immediately after the third one goes off, you fire M2 just bit tapping it on the target. And if you payed attention, you know that you can chain a Mouse1 just right after mouse 2.The final result is that you fire a shot, and before the third one hits you spend your health for mouse 2, so that the first proc of healing won’t go wasted, and then you immediately follow with another one.

Some things to note are:

  • If you press mouse 2 too quickly, you may end up cancelling your third shot from your first mouse1. Don’t you be doing that.
  • This “combo” (?) really healps, but unless you have a Backup Magazine, or A Syringe, it will only work once each two spell rotations.

Items Synergies

No, i won’t talk about every item in the game. But, while i’m gonna need to update this for sure, i have found some synergies or somewhat interesting stuff to talk about.

First off, Medkit will proc normally each time you spend life on a Mouse2 or R. We’re all disappointed when we get one, but on Rex it’s actually pretty decent in order to mitigate your self damage.

Second, The bustling Fungus is really helpful, sometimes. the point is: Yes, if you stand still you get the sustain from it and you can become the living embodiment of a WW2 artillery cannon, as the magical shroom refounds the health you’re spending. You can camp a spot if you’re 100% sure it’s safe, but you’re no Engineer, so you don’t have that x3 value on your shrooms. Might be worth nothing that despite the heals, you’re still hurting yourself so it’s easier to burst you down. So if you really want to do this, make sure that you’re safe, and, most of all, you’re playing with someone else that can take aggro. Else you’ll blow up in no time. I promise.

I’m gonna update this section once i know a little bit more about the interactions between spending life and shields

This is the ending of Risk of Rain 2 REX Review guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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