Risk of Rain 2 – MUL-T Character Overview&Skill Guide

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain the general overview and skills of MUL-T Character in Risk of Rain 2 game. This is a work in progress right now, we’re most likely missing something and it’s not detailed. We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

We published how to unlock the 5 Playable Character which Mul-T is one of them on the website. So you can click here to see this guide

Risk of Rain 2 – MUL-T Character Overview&Skill Guide

Health: 200 (+60 per level)
Damage: 12 (+2.4 per level)
Speed: 9 m/s

MUL-T is a character you unlock after succeeding the first map’s Teleporter event five times. Once that is done, MUL-T is available for you to play. To make this faster, I recommend you complete the first teleporter event, then go to second map and quit to menu there. Or just play the game normally and it’ll be there fast enough.

MUL-T is one of the easier characters to unlock, and is a fair upgrade to the Commando in terms of health and speed. MUL-T is very tanky and can take a beating. While they have the same damage, MUL-T has impressive skills in his robo-hands. Let’s look closer at them…

Multifunctional: Passive

Multifunctional allows MUL-T to hold two equipment items at the same time, one for each of his weapons. Note that the equipments can be the exact same, so you can hold 2 Foreign Fruits and heal 100% HP whenever you wish. Fuel Cell becomes instantly better with MUL-T, and you can do interesting combos with the equipments. A very strong passive, capitalize on it by buying all the equipment boxes you can find to get interesting combos!

Auto-Nailgun and Rebar Puncher: Cooldown: None

Turns out Rebar Puncher has no icon. This means this part will be for both weapons. Hopoo please, Rebar Puncher icon.

Auto-Nailgun is a very inaccurate, super high fire rate weapon that shoots for good damage. The first shot is also a shotgun-like 8 projectile round, good for taking care of masses. The very high fire rate makes on-hit items necessary. Tri-tip DaggerStun Grenade, but especially Leech Seeds. With how tanky MUL-T is, Leech Seed adding some life-steal on hit, add to that Soldier Syringe and you’ve got a hailstorm of blood-sucking nails. Effective. Just make sure to shoot the Auto-Nailgun at a very close range. Medium range will have few hits and is not effective.

Rebar Puncher
Rebar Puncher is basically the opposite of the Auto-Nailgun. It requires a second of charge time, offers slow fire rate but has practically infinite range and deals massive damage in a line, piercing enemies. You can effectively take out Lesser Wisps from very far away with such a weapon, and crowds don’t stand a chance. Critical hit items like Lens-Maker’s Glasses give chances to double the already massive damage, and items like Gasoline or Will-o’-the-Wisp add an extra oomph to those one-shot kills, leading to crowd destruction from afar.

In conclusion, both weapons are polar opposites used for different purposes and shifting between both using your R is vital to playing MUL-T optimally. They both stack effectively with different types of items, so plan accordingly which items you want most, or adapt your playstyle depending on your build.

Blast Canister: Cooldown: 6s

Blast Canister is MUL-T`s secondary ability. You throw a grenade that stuns enemies and deals 220% damage, then it drops 5 smaller stunning bombs who deal 44% each, for 5×44%. This ability is great to take out a large group of enemies with its high damage, but can also stun larger ones, making it good in nearly all situations. If the enemy is flying, forget about Blast Canister, as the 5×44% will never hit it. Backup Magazine will let you combo stun enemies,

Transport Mode: Cooldown: 8s

Transport Mode is MUL-T’s utility skill, enables him to gain more speed and armor while dashing forward quickly. You can steer MUL-T while moving and try to bump into enemies, dealing 250% damage and even higher damage depending on how fast you’re going. Since you’re Sprinting during the charge, items that activate on sprint like Rose Buckler and Energy Drink are effective. The damage really increases sharply with speed. A few Paul’s Goat Hoofand Energy Drinks and you’ll be dealing over 1000 damage per hit!

Transport Mode can also go through small enemies, but larger enemies stop the skill and puts you back in normal mode after knocking you backwards. Stone golemsbulls, most bosses and a few more are considered “Larger enemies”. Should be visual enough. Make sure to stack movement speed, and this “Utility” Skill becomes a damaging skill!

Retool: Cooldown: 1s

Retool is MUL-T’s special ability. It lets MUL-T swap between the Auto-Nailgun and Rebar Puncherat will. Since MUL-T has two equipment items, one is assigned to each weapon and you swap between both at the same time as swapping between weapons. Retool’s only purpose remains to swap between weapons/equipments, so there aren’t a lot of synergies here.

MUL-T remains an incredibly tanky character, gaining a lot of HP per level and having access to interesting regen option from Leeching Seeds, while keeping a very good escape option with the Transport Mode skill. Getting healing on MUL-T is imperial, due to his high HP. Cautious SlugBustling Fungus and Foreign Fruit are all valid options, especially Foreign Fruitdue to having two equipment slots.

MUL-T deserves A Tier because:

  • His natural tankiness allows him to take hits that would normally leave others dead (It also allows for the safe inclusion of shaped glass in a build)
  • The ability to hold two items is extremely powerful. Why choose between a nuke and a healing item when you can have both.
  • His transport mode is possibly the best all encompassing utility. It can be used to escape, stun enemies, and supplement DPS.
  • Blast canister and its bomblets can provide amazing AOE and boss damage at every stage in the game.
  • His nailgun is extremely powerful in terms of DPS, but has a lower proc coefficient compared to other classes. This makes healing items such as Leeching Seed and Harvester’s Scythe harder to stack effectively. This issue is compensated by the existence of Foreign Fruit and Gnarled Woodsprite, but blazing bosses still can make MUL-T runs difficult.
  • The fact that MUL-T needs to get up close to the boss to use his nailgun effectively means the player has to play carefully. Done right, his DPS will easily melt a majority of bosses.


This is the ending of Risk of Rain 2 – MUL-T Character Overview&Skill Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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