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Since Risk of Rain 2 is work in progress (or in Early Access), consider it will update often.

If you wonder what’s this item do, there is an excellent guide:

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Shrine of Blood Guide

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All Other Shrines

Shrine of Order

The shrine of being… Sequenced. The ultimate gambler’s cocaine. It costs one lunar coin to activate. Once activated, the shrine takes an inventory of all of your items. The total number of items of each class is counted (I.e, 30 common items, 15 uncommon items, 3 legendary items, etc; Lunar and boss items also have their own category). The shrine then chooses a random item you had in each category, and converts all other items of that category to that item.

For example: you had 30 total common items and 15 total uncommon items. Within your common items, you were carrying some crowbars, and for your uncommons you were carrying Hopoo feathers. If the shrine were to choose the Crowbar and the Hopoo feather for its items, you would now have no items except for 30 crowbars and 15 Hopoo feathers. Enjoy doing 1020% damage to enemies above 90% health, and enjoy having 16 total jumps.

This sounds awesome. And it is. It’s completely awesome and fun to throw out the synergy of everything and try out truly radical stacks of items. But it’s also incredibly dangerous, since you have no way to control which items get picked to be the stack of items. You can end up with 30 war banners and 15 rose bucklers and be absolutely thrashed by the enemy. But, like I said, gambler’s cocaine.

Shrine of Gold

Looks exactly like a Shrine of Chance, but its gilded gold. It’s also about ten times as expensive. Once prayed to, you will see “A gold orb appears…”. Once the teleporter event is completed, a gold portal will spawn. I’ll just leave you to figure it out from there.

Newt Altar

It’s like an… oyster or something with blue stalagmites poking out of the side of it. They appear in a few predefined places, which are usually hard to reach (though a few are just out on the ground). They cost one Lunar coin to activate, and once they do they will guarantee a blue portal spawn at the end of the teleporter event. It is, however, important that the shrine is activated before the teleporter is, or else you’ll probably end up wasting a coin.


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