Risk of Rain 2 – All Lunar Items (Blue) List

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Risk of Rain 2 – All Lunar Items (Blue) List

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Lunar Items (Blue)

Shaped Glass

  • Increase base damage by 100% (+100% per stack). Reduce maximum health by 50% (50% per stack).

Brittle Crown

  • 30% chance on hit to gain 3 (+3 per stack) gold. Lose gold equal to the amount you are hit for OR lose % gold equal to the % maximum health you lost. Chooses the greater of the two.


  • Convert all but 1 health into regenerating shields. Gain 50% (+25% per stack) maximum health.


  • Heal +100% (+100% per stack) more. All healing is applied over time. Can heal for a maximum of 10% (reduced by 50% per stack) of your health per second.


  • Requirements: Kill 20 hermit crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map.

Glowing Meteorite

  • Rain meteors from the sky, damaging ALL characters for 600% damage per blast. Lasts 20 seconds.
  • Requirements: Carry 5 Lunar items in one run.

Hellfire Tincture

  • Ignite ALL characters within 8m. Deal 5% of your maximum health per second as burning damage to yourself. The burn is 0.5x stringer on allies, and 24x stronger on enemies.

Effigy of Grief

  • ALL characters within are slowed by 50% and have their armor reduced by 20.
  • Note: Only currently known Active Lunar item.


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